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Call In Artillery release debut album ‘This is Temporary’. Indie music at it’s best!

If you are looking for some new indie music that is a pleasure to listen to then look no further than Call in Artillery’s debut album ‘This is Temporary’.

Chris Schwan is a solo indie artist from Saint Louis, Missouri and with his band have just released their first full length album,”This is Temporary” You can listen and purchase it here.


The album starts off strong with ‘Fight Night’ This song is about those fights that partners have. Lyrics like “I was caught not listening, real talk baby or are you just bitching?‘ make this song relatable. ‘Lipstick’ is a song that brings out the uniqueness of Chris’s voice. ‘Blackout’ the third song is the stand out track for me. The beat is super catchy and clever lyrics make this song shine.

Next track is ‘I Won’t Let Go ft Tommy Dapron’ of Partners in Rhyme. The two vocalist complement each other and the abrupt ending of the song leaves you wanting more. ‘Fuck You’ is a classic song that only goes for 44 seconds. However it says what need to be said!

‘Carefree Living’ has a different sound that the other tracks off the album. Still has meaning that I say…. Yes! that happens to me. “ The words they never comes out of what I am thinking about.”  I think the chorus ” All I want to do is Carefree Living” is a mantra that many of us say in our heads.

‘Hey Natalie’ is a love song about being let go by I guess Natalie. Beautifully written.’Hands to the Sky’ is totally different with the addition with PIR. I would love to see a music video be made for this song! Overall this album is one that will need to be adde to your playlist. A solid debut album for Call in Artillery.

Album Cover OFFICIAL 1600

written by Jen Rees

2 Comments on Call In Artillery release debut album ‘This is Temporary’. Indie music at it’s best!

  1. Weaponhead // July 22, 2016 at 12:28 am // Reply

    Love the album too.


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