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Check out ‘Real Thing’ by The Pretty Fingers. Mick chats to Jen about their new release.

‘Real Thing’ is a firecracker of a song. An infectious banger! Right from the first bass note I was hooked. Add in a engaging music video to the mix and this release is a zinger.  Real Thing’ that surpasses their previous work and if this is an indication of what is to come I say bring it on!  Music Injection Australia

Brisbane’s independent alternative rock outfit known as The Pretty Fingers has unveiled their latest sonic creation, a bombastic, exciting new single entitled ‘Real Thing.’ The Fiery, distortion-infused jaunt through punk influence is quite unlike anything else in the trios catalogue, thus charting new territory for the ever evolving band.

Formed in 2011, The Pretty Fingers have been making notable waves in the Brisbane music scene. Harnessing the spirit and intensity of Australian pub rock bands and British alt-rock, The Pretty Fingers have and entirely unique space unto themselves in the indie community.

‘Real Thing’ was recorded at Airlock Studios in Samford, Queensland with the band’s producer, Konstantin Kersting.  The Pretty Fingers also releasde an accompanying music video for the single, too, a psychedelic, visually compelling journey through the crazed, but brilliant musical musings of the group.

This release follows in the footsteps of ‘Just Say Go,’ The Pretty Fingers’ single released back in February. As always, long-time fans of the band will notice their increasingly experimental nature, continually striving toward new and fascinating sonic landscapes from release to release.
Real Thing Cover Art web.jpg

Jen caught up with Mick to find out more about ‘Real Thing’

Hi Mick, I am really digging your new single ‘Real Thing’, it has a distinctly different sound to your previous releases. Was it your intention to move to this altered sound or was it a natural evolution while writing the song?

Hi Jen, we wanted to try something different sonically and step out of our comfort zone to see what we could create. Real Thing has definitely charted new ground for The Pretty Fingers and we do like to keep moving forward towards a truly unique us, so I think it was worth it to open up our song writing to more possibilities and it turned out a fine tune.

I listened to ‘Real Thing’ once and it has been stuck in my head all morning. In a good way not in a Achy breaky heart way!

It is slightly infectious.

This song about love is totally relatable, it is exactly how people feel falling in love. Was it written from personal experience?

 Well, let’s just say it’s the voyeuristic vision and emotion of someone who is totally infatuated with their dream lover. I got mine!

Glad that you did. Let’s look at your music video. It suits the song so well. You describe it as Bizarre which is fitting the song. The sense of movement in the video matches up well with the beat. Was it a joint idea the concept of the video?

Thanks Jen, the three of us worked on the concept together with film maker Doug Bristow and developed the idea of being outside observers of the world and being able to see everything through fresh eyes as we seek the real thing.

How long did it take to shoot?

The scenes were all shot over the course of two days in and around Redcliffe Queensland.

Can you tell me if anything went wrong during filming? Basically, want to hear a funny story!

The funniest thing we found was that we couldn’t see anything through those goggles we’re all wearing so we pretty much did all those scenes blind.

Haha! Well I could not tell. So what is next for you guys? You have released now 2 singles this year anymore to come?

 Yes Jen, Real Thing is part of a set of four songs that we tracked last December as an EP that we are releasing one song at a time, so there are two more songs and video clips to come to complete the overall release. The next tune has just been mixed today and we start shooting the video for it next week. We’re busy and loving it! Thanks Jen.

My pleasure Mick, I look forward to your next release, all the best with ‘Real Thing’.


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