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Love Depeche Mode? Take a listen to Highrise by Synesthete.

If you like electronic/synthwave music check out Synesthete. Put your headphones on and be transported back to days of the greats like Depeche Mode with Synesthete’ s Highrise. But there is more! Check out his albumThis Space is Statically Assigned’ for even more listening pleasure. 


Upstate New York based electronic/synthwave musician inspired by Tycho, Com Truise, The New Division, M83, and many more. Released his debut single “Weekender”, a track full of warm sun and summery synths in May 2017, followed by a follow-up single “Highrise”, a higher-paced track bordering synth-rock in July 2017. 

His debut EP “This Space is Statically Assigned” was independently released in August 2017. He can be found remixing songs for other artists in between promoting his debut EP, and is currently working on a new single, a first with vocals.” 


Keep up with Synesthete on social networks below 




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