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Elephant Castle​ drops single ‘Cool To Be Unhappy’.

Phil Danyew​ has a retro-inspired indie rock project called Elephant Castle​. Phil is from based in LA and is a vocalist and plays many instruments. He can do it all on his own! He has just released an interesting single called ‘Cool To Be Unhappy’. I adore songs like this as it is unique and lyrically meaningful. I like the twist of a breakup song that ‘Cool To Be Unhappy’ is. Inspired by 60’s rock Elephant Castle’s sing ‘Cool To Be Unhappy’ is about a breakup of Phil’s that clearly did not work out. The lyrics show that it is ok to go through the emotions that one has to go through in order to lose that pain. He asks to have his memory erased until before he met the girl. I wish that was possible! I think everyone in the world can relate to this. Phil’s vocals are amazing and really make the song interesting. Check it out here. 



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