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 The Redwoods drop new single and video called ‘I wrote a Letter’, +listical.

I Wrote A Letter has meaningful lyrics that tell a story from Joshua Moore‘s perspective yet when I listen they have a personal love story meaning. This along with Joshua’s unique vocal style I Wrote A Letter is a song well worth listening to, especially when you are in an introspective mind set.

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Gentle, philosophical and lush, Melbourne-based indie folk group The Redwoods have released new single called ‘I Wrote A Letter. ‘ The track acts as a loving obituary of sorts for a band no longer together; a collage of memories and happier times. 

The Redwoods have also released a stunning video to accompany I Wrote A Letter, directed by Tomas Busby (Millar Jukes) and starring Jessie Oshodi.

I Wrote A Letter has a reverie to it that is deeply compelling – temperate, rambling percussion assuredly drives the story forward as soft acoustic guitar strums along underneath lead vocalist Joshua Moore’s idiosyncratic voice.  Recorded at Sing Sing Studio and at producer Callum Edwards’ home studio Sloth Studios, I Wrote A Letter evokes influences such as Fleet Foxes, Mumford and Sons and even iconic troubadour James Taylor.  Speaking on the creative process behind the track, Joshua says,

I Wrote A Letter is a song I wrote the day after splitting up with a band I loved due to an altercation with the drummer who I also love but have had a troubled friendship with.  The lyrics came together in about 10-15 minutes and are mostly images, memories, and musings from some time we both spent in America, and in particular Oregon.  Though there’s no reference to the book, I often think of Jack Kerouac’s ‘Dharma Bums’ when I play it.  I like to leave my songs open to the interpretation of the listener, but the chorus is intended to evoke a feeling of both overwhelm and hope, two feelings that for myself I have often found to be mutually exclusive.”

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The video for I Wrote A Letter is as compelling and powerful as the track itself.  Footage of The Redwoods performing the track amongst an actual forest of redwood trees is interspersed with footage of a young woman scrambling for answers amongst a steadily growing influx of letters, appearing as if from nowhere.  The clip is visually beautiful, hypnotic even – as Joshua describes,

“I workshopped the idea for the clip with Tomas Busby, the director, one afternoon during lockdown.  I knew I wanted the clip to be shot at the Redwoods in Warburton and that I wanted a female lead to play a part, but it was Tomas who brought up the idea of letters actually appearing in the video, which made me think of the scene from the first Harry Potter book when letters come streaming through the chimney.  So, the aim became to slowly overwhelm the screen, the band, the lead actor Jessie, and the viewer with letters as the song went on, in something of a surreal horror-esque concept that could leave the audience guessing as to what was what and who was who.  Often I find that music and nature can tell their own stories without us getting in the way.”

I Wrote A Letter is a truly captivating song, expertly crafted by a songwriter who so clearly understands the power of exceptional songwriting – with this understanding probably due to a lifetime of loving music, as Joshua reflects,

“I got into music through my father, who played, and still plays, bass in blues and rock bands.  So I spent a lot of time at pubs in Warrnambool when I was young watching him play.  I later took guitar really seriously when I left to board in Geelong, as I wasn’t really interested much in doing well in school and preferred to learn to play all my favourite records.  Things like Led Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty were staples, but there were bands like Jet, the Darkness, and the Vines that were popular at the time too.”

Check out Joshua’s Top 10 Your most played songs on Spotify. Joshua loves listening to great Aussie music and has great taste!

  1. Maybe you Know – Holy Holy

If there is any song that has helped get me through the past two years it is absolutely this track. I’ve loved a lot of Holy Holy’s music over the years but hearing this track and the album it features on was the first time I started to play them on heavy rotation, especially driving. The lyrics in the song resonate with me so much, especially on my journey as a single dad. It’s a lonely experience raising a child on your own half the week (during a pandemic as well) – and this track helps me feel less alone.

  1. Comedown – Parcels

I remember when I first heard Parcels on Triple J. It was one of those immediate connections I have with an artist sometimes, and I just know they are suddenly my new favourite band for the next six months. I love the journey this band takes you on during this album, and their early EPs are great too. Looking forward to more music from them, hopefully for a long time

  1. You Got Some Nerve – Franc Moody

The almighty Spotify algorithm introduced me to this band and I had them on rotation for some time, most notably when working in a smoothie van that frequented a lot of music festivals over Summer (in the before times). This tracks is an absolute banger to make and serve smoothies to I can guarantee.

  1. On Your Way Down – The Jungle Giants

I only came across the Jungle Giants this year, which I didn’t realise was strange until I was talking to my housemate, who is ten years my junior, and he said he played these guys all through highschool, but he didn’t know who the Strokes were. That’s when I knew I was getting old. But I love this track and so much of the JG’s music now, and I know if I had been leaving year 12 in 2017, this band would have been my teenage soundtrack.

  1. Yr Love – Roosevelt

Another recent addition to my playlists, I really got hooked on Roosevelt after I watched a short clip of him in his home studio and he showed off his drum kit. I had no idea that producers would be able to create such a clean sound from live recordings, and it actually inspired me to upgrade my kit at home to a similar 70s Japanese Pearl set.

  1. Booster Seat – Spacey Jane

Absolutely love this band’s energy and down to earth lyrics. Spacey Jane are one of those groups that give me a lot of faith in the future of rock music and its timelessness. The chorus of this song in particular actually takes me right back to my first longterm relationship, I love it when a lyricist can speak to me like that.

  1. Yes I’m Changing – Tame Impala

I was listening to Tame Impala’s ‘Currents’ around the time my daughter was born and took a huge liking to this track. I ended up playing my own acoustic version to her most evenings. Can’t say the lyrics are that relevant to a newborn but it’s a great track.

  1. Exactly How You Are – Ball Park Music

This is another track that has really helped me through lockdown and also separating from my wife this year. Having a rock band singing ‘I love you exactly how you are’ at full volume while driving down Eastlink is an empowering experience, I recommend it.

  1. Uptown Folks – DOPE LEMON

I actually had no idea that Dope Lemon was Angus Stone until well after having enjoyed the music, but the revelation actually added to the whole experience. It gave me an insight as to how artists can change and evolve, which I love and find very inspiring. The lyrics in this song are really interesting, but it’s the epic crescendo towards the end of the track that keeps me coming back.

  1. Miracle Love – Matt Corby

I’ve loved Matt’s music for years now and the release of ‘Rainbow Valley’, while at first a bit of a surprise, really grew on me and this track is one of the many highlights. I love the shift in his music from being very folksy to some sort of psychedelic Willy Wonka playground. As always though, Matt’s amazing vocal range and tone are breathtaking.

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