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Brisbane-based singer/songwriter Michael Jones has written and recorded one of the catchiest pop/rock songs of the year, titled ‘Hello World’.

 Superbly produced by Taxiride founding member / guitarist Tim Wild, ‘Hello World’, takes the listener back to the sweet melodic sounds of the late 60s.

The jingle jangle of the rhythm guitars are reminiscent of The Byrds and the slide guitar solo and backwards guitars have shades of George Harrison.

“Yes, Michael and I both love The Beatles so we tried to use a lot of instruments from that era like Rickenbacker guitars and vintage instruments.” Tim Wild.

In addition to producing the track, Tim Wild played all of the instruments (except for the drums) and sang the backing vocals.

“My love of vocal harmony led me to write all of those Taxiride songs”- Tim Wild

‘Hello World’ delivers a message that everybody needs to hear and think about. It’s about loving and caring for our planet and its people. It’s a song of hope and optimism that is reflected by the outlook of the artist himself. It asks the questions you can’t ignore.

“I hope to challenge the listeners to form their own opinions and actions rather than me pushing a point of view”Michael Jones.

Coming in at snappy 3 minutes and 3 seconds, ‘Hello World’ is sure to leave listeners wanting more!  

MEDIA CONTACT; Michael Matthews Media


M: 0418 536 637

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