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Steadily making a name for herself in New Zealand, Australia and across the world with her infectious brand of electronic indie pop, Isla Noon has released her elevated new single I Need To Go Home, a deeply relatable track about feeling jaded at a party.  The exciting new artist has also released a dazzling video to accompany the song, directed by Swap Gomez and Oshara Ardelean of Umbrella Creative. I Need To Go Home follows Isla Noon’s glistening track Talk About Us, which has had over 50,000 streams on Spotify alone since its release.

I Need To Go Home is a brilliant testament to Isla Noon’s sheer skill as a lyricist – “I see a glistening line of spilled red wine like a runway to the door – I think I need to go home,” is so deeply affecting, a pretty twist of words that perfectly sum up that feeling of being totally preoccupied with leaving a night out.  Evocative of pop queens Carly Rae Jepsen, Robyn and lyrical master Taylor Swift, I Need To Go Home is an irresistibly danceable tune – synths and sharp beats percolate underneath Isla Noon’s assured, unique vocal.  Speaking on the conception of the track, Isla Noon explains, “The song tells the story of a night out where the illusion of a grand ideal is shattered; that moment you sober up to see a girl crying into her drink, the spilled wine all over the floor drying to a sticky sheen and a few lonely souls looking for connection on a dancefloor.  More than anything, it’s a metaphor for confronting times in my life where I’ve pulled back the veneer on things I was taught to accept or expected to enjoy.  The track speaks to a time where I had no choice but to listen to that inner voice – even if it meant leaving on my own.”

  1. Troye Sivan

No surprises here, Troye Sivan is my favourite Australian artist. I’ve been a huge fan since his 2015 album Blue Neighbourhood. Troye’s melodies are so masterful, and every time he puts a new EP or album out I find inspiration for my own production. As someone who spent a long time as a kid trying to lose my South African accent when I first moved to NZ, it was cool to see Troye as someone with a bit of a mixed accent and background making the kind of music I loved. Favourite tracks of mine are My My My!, Easy, and Too Good.

2. Vera Blue

Perennial was a big album for me in 2017, and there was a good week where pretty much all I listened to was ‘Lady Powers’. The production on that album felt so fresh to me, and even now when I return to it, some of those tracks still feel progressive to be sitting in the pop space. The treatment of vocals and harmonies is also so beautiful in everything she puts out. Favourite tracks are Pedestal / Cover Me, Lady Powers, and Settle.

3. The Mcclymonts

When I was a teenager I lived in Queensland for a few years, where my Mum got really into Australian country music.  We had a lot of it playing around the house and my favourite was The Mcclymonts for their pop-leaning melodies and The Corrs-esque harmonies. Favourite tracks have got to be Til You Love Me, My Life Again, Like We Used To.

4. Tame Impala

I couldn’t leave Tame Impala off this list. Just such a genius songwriter and I was lucky to catch their set at Laneway Festival here in Auckland a few years back. Again it’s totally the melodies and use of synthesizers in Tame Impala’s music that draws me in – I’m sensing a trend? Favourite tracks are Feels Like I Only Go Backwards, Eventually, and ‘Cause I’m A Man.

5. Little River Band –

Had to include a nostalgia pick. We had a few CD’s in my Mum’s car growing up, and every time I hear Little River Band I’m transported back to sitting in the back seat of the car and quietly trying to figure out the harmonies in the chorus of ‘The Other Guy’. I’m sure it wasn’t as quiet as I thought, and that my family had to put up with my off-key singing more than I realised. Tracks like ‘Reminiscing’, ‘Lady’ and ‘Lonesome Loser’ bring back a lot of memories

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The video is a pertinient artistic refection of Isla Noon’s inner conflict, as described in this layered track. The concept is simple yet truly effective, as shedances amongst dark and light, two opposite worlds that represent the place she is running from, and the place she is headed. Describing the video, Isla Noon explains, “The clip flashes between two contrasting locations, one being a night-time cityscape with rich colours and full body performance.  The other location symbolises ‘home’, a place to which I have retreated and can move slowly and contemplatively through.  This place is new to me, and I’ve had to face up to some difficult truths to get there.  I wanted to capture the symbolic nature of the song, in that ‘home’ wasn’t so much a physical location but rather a more honest relationship with myself, one in which I didn’t ignore that nagging gut feeling that lets me know when a situation isn’t right for me.”

It’s always special when you can track the growth of an artist through their discography, pinpointing the songs that define their craft and propelled their career to new heights. There is no doubt that I Need To Go Home will be one of those tracks for Isla Noon – her lyricism and vocal melodies are the best they’ve ever been, shining assuredly amongst a bed of exciting, modern pop production.  If you didn’t know Isla Noon before this song, don’t worry – you definitely will soon.

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