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Dynamic Perth six-piece Mal de Mer have released a glistening new single Do You See Me?, an eclectic, irresistible track that details the tough, dramatic reclaimation of personal power that occurs when a toxic relationship ends.  Mal de Mer have also announced a visually stunning lyric video to accompany the track, made in collaboration with photographer Mare Elzinga.

Do You See Me? is the result of a truly unique amalgamation of influences; evocative of everything from Camp Cope to Andy Shauf to BADBADNOTGOOD, in other words – it’s just Mal de Mer.  Steady, funk-inspired bass lines sit harmoniously amongst sharp, vintage synths while lead vocalist Saskia Fleming’s distinctive voice confidently takes centre stage; handclaps and crisp drums drive the song forward – it’s a curious number, and the expert mesh of genres within this single is nothing new to this skilled group.  Speaking on the inspiration behind Do You See Me?, Saskia explains, “The song came about when I was in a pretty dark headspace.  At the time, I was trapped in an exhausting combination of deep sadness, and overwhelming anger.  I’ll let the lyrics speak for themselves, but I hope the listener can feel those emotions wash over them as they flow through the song.  When I finally plucked up the courage to show the band what I’d written I was blown away- everybody’s parts felt like essential pieces of the song that were meant to be there all along.  It was like everything just clicked into place.”


Mal de Mer tells Jen their Top 5 Perth Acts for 2021!

  1. Hector Morlet: Stop everything you’re doing! Listen to Hector! He’s got an unparalleled writing style, a distinctively hypnotic voice and a powerhouse band to back him up. If you haven’t heard of him- listen. If you have, and you haven’t seen him live- find a way !
  2. Great Statue: In our books, an absolutely unrivalled live performance. Listening to Great Statue puts you in a trance-like state where you’ve got no choice but to dance! Wanna feel like you’re underground in an experimental Berlin club? Great Statue has you sorted!
  3. No Nomad: These guys are palpably suave. They blend jazz, soul, pop in such an enchanting way, with a wistful and melancholic approach to lyricism. Go lie on some grass in the sun and pop these guys on- perfect for a lazy summer day!
  4. Jack Davies and The Bush Chooks: If you haven’t heard of Jack… that is completely okay, but we guarantee you’re missing out! Pairing pensive lyricism with the intricate layering of polarising instrumentation (Banjo… AND synth? How do they do it?), this act is art.
  5. Your Girl Pho: Serving diva electro-pop energy, YGP’s sound is untamed and flits from genre to genre with such ease, you probably won’t even notice the genre shift! With an emphasis on dynamic vocal layering that shows off Phoebe’s inimitable voice and range, this act is such a pleasure to listen to. Oh, and you HAVE to see her live- no excuses! 

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Nostalgic, colourful, crafty, and clever, the lyrics are built from small letter beads, all mismatched and topsy-turvy.  Explaining the brilliant idea behind the video, Saskia says, “It’s a stop motion lyric video using beads, pastel felts, and glitter (among many other things!!).  My housemate Freddie came home one day from Spotlight with a load of colourful beads, and made me a necklace with a lyric from this single on it.  When I was given the necklace, it at first sparked the idea of doing a very limited run of merch in the form of jewelry for this track.  That idea then snowballed into doing an entire stop motion lyric video using those beads. The concept is using colourful childlike craft supplies to create a clip that at first seems upbeat, and straightforward, but over the course of the track, gradually begins to reveal it to be a facade hiding the dark reality of what is going on beneath the surface.  I worked on the concept with the amazing director Mare Elzinga, who took my basic idea and has brought it to life.”

Mal de Mer, a French maritime term for seasickness, is a band with an undeniable, unbreakable connection to the ocean.  The band’s name is a part of family history for lead vocalist Saskia, as she explains, “My family has had a long history with water and the ocean – a captain, a swimmer, a pirate, a professor of maritime law, a sailor… so I guess naming the band was a way for me to feel like I was continuing that family history.  Looking back on deciding the name now though, I think I may have just been tricked by my mum who strategically placed a thick book of nautical phrases and sayings in front of me when I was trying to name the band….”

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