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Who Brings A Knife To An Album Review?

Callam’s Rating: 9.5 Krakens out of 10!

If you were looking for a typical Zebrahead album, you will not find it here. But what you will find is a refreshing new take on the uniquely crafted sound they’ve developed throughout their career. The input of new producer Paul Miner is abundantly clear, who has steered the band away from their comfort zone and into uncharted waters.


 Walk the Plank will be released 16th of October.

Rather than combining elements of ska, metal and pop-punk into each song like in previous works, Zebrahead have separated their influences to produce an eclectic collection of songs. Tracks such as Running With Wolves and Wasted Generation are a nod to the likes of Van Halen and even Dragonforce, while Who Brings A Knife To A Gun Fight can only be described as quintessential Zebrahead meets a sitar…and it’s amazing.

There are some surprises in the album; old school fans will relish in the funky debut album Waste of Mind-esque track So What, while Keep It To Myself is the band’s most stripped back song to date and will be stuck in your head for weeks. The title track demonstrates that Zebrahead have taken many artistic risks on the album, and is then followed by an instrumental declaration that they have indeed walked the plank.

 Walk The Plank is the most frantic and laid back, yet cohesive Zebrahead album that you’ve been waiting to hear. So put on an eye patch and find the rum because treasure awaits you this October!

Written by Callam Fletcher, 2015

Twitter: @callam_fletcher Instagram: @callamfletcher

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