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Start Static ‘Arguments’ Album Review

Start Static are : Far left with controller – John Allan – vocals, Mid left – Michael McCrossan – drums and backing vocals, Mid right – Stephen Murray – guitar and backing vocals, Far right – Chris Kay – bass and backing vocals.

These 4 young lads from Glasgow started playing music together in 2013 and released their album ‘Arguments’ in Feb 2015. Start Static are self-funded and self -produced like so many young bands these days.

They have received some great reviews for their album and made the Top 50 Albums of the year in Scotland for the Herald. You can read about it here. They have also had their song ‘Reckless’ in Kerrang! ‘



‘Arguments’ is a solid debut album. Stephen from Start Static described the bands sound as  “The music is generally driven to be songs to sing, shout, dance and drink to.” I definitely agree with this, from the first song on the album “Reckless” I thought how great this song would be live and to dance to. ‘Reckless was the lead single and you can check out the music video here.


This video starts off wit the lads being quiet sane and as the story is told and the drinking starts the party becomes quite insane. I briefly noticed the panda sitting on the couch but did not think anything of it until I saw the next video for ‘Pretty Little Bubble’.



Watching this video I found myself to get quite attached to the Panda bear and to find out what happens to the poor bear you will have to watch the video until the end.

Track 3, ‘Count to Ten’ is the stand out song on the album, although this did change a few times before I decided that it was! It is the tune that I am still singing long after listening to the album. (in a good way not Achy Breaky heart way! ) You can watch the video here to see if you agree with me!



The other track that I connected with was ‘Running for Ages’ I love the bass in this song and the contrast used in the vocals. This song I can hear the Scottish accent coming through strong which I really enjoy.



Summing up, Start Static’s debut album’Arguments’  promises a great future in the music industry. Momentum is building for them not only with their talent but their hard work doing everything themselves and so far doing that right. Keep a close eye on this Scottish band in years to come.


After listening and reviewing ‘Arguments’ Steven sent me their new single. They show their ability to evolve as a band in their next single ‘’Shut Up I’m On It!’’ the music is tighter and the harmonies stand out. It still has the feeling that you need to jump around. I would love to see this song played live. There is a part where they slow the music down and you can hear a whisper then it jumps straight back into the signature fast tune. Awesome!ss2

The music video is due out shortly so stay tuned for that. One thing I do know that if the Panda makes an appearance it will be a miracle! Although this photo gives us a glimpse that Panda might be ok!


You can purchase the album here

For all their news check out the following links and like them and follow them.

If in Scotland you can see them live. Tickets for King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut on Thursday 21st January at

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