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Jen catches up with RATBOY aka Jordan Cardy and chats about his new single and more.

“Genres are mashed to perfection” – Pilerats

“A UK talent on the up and up” – Richard Kingsmill, triple j

“One of the UK’s most exciting new acts” – DIY


UK prodigy RAT BOY, aka Jordan Cardy, has unveiled a mischievous and visionary new video to accompany his latest single ‘Get Over It’, the upbeat title-track from his forthcoming EP out August 26, available digitally and on vinyl via Ratbag Records.

The outlandish and vibrant video is shot across dusty deserts and grimy U.S. diners, complete with police chases, blazing guns and a mariachi band. Featuring RAT BOY and his partners in crime Neptune and Scum, the clip draws parallels to the thrilling adventures of Bonnie & Clyde – this time reimagined in RAT BOY’s immersive, colourful world. Already clocking up over 21,000 views in 48 hours, the impressively crafted clip was directed, produced and animated by Cardy, who also designed the clothes and props for the video (even the car was built by his Dad), creating a world that links his music and creative projects into one.

We love the music video for your new single ‘Get Over It’ – how does it feel to pour all your creativity into one project?

 Thanks! It honestly feels amazing. It feels right to me. Like, I don’t understand how bands can make music and then last minute have someone do their videos for them. The video probably took longer than anything I’ve ever done, it was a lot of planning and then a lot of traveling to make it happen in the desert.

You did almost everything… It’s great that your Dad joined you – how did you convince him to build the car?

He’s a welder and he does these things. Also I paid him for his time (ha!) and he was generally happy to help me because it’s fun for him.

The video had over 21,000 views in 48 hours and is now sitting over 126,000. Were you expecting so many views in quick succession?

Wow that’s amazing. I was hoping for views after all the work and time on it… It’s been fun, I just want people to see and enjoy it.

Most comments about the video are positive – do you ever read any of the comments?

I do early on and get a feel for things but then leave it, I can’t look at that stuff for too long you know what I mean? I can’t live by those things. Everyone has their opinion and that’s great, but people like to be negative or put other people down and hide behind the Internet. It’s an odd thing this generation does and I don’t like any of that around me. I need to be in a space to keep healthy creating. But there’s a lot of good feedback and that always keeps me going when I see it.

If so and you see any negative posts about your song, do you have strategies to cope with that?

Strategies are to not look at those things too much, and to realise that in all honesty you will never please everyone. You simply cannot be everyone’s cup of tea or taste in music, and that is OK. I can love 50 punk bands you play me but I may not like the 51st one you play and that’s fine, but it’s the way people these days can say anything and hide behind the net. It’s happening everywhere… people need to be careful and considerate because at the end of the day no one has done anything wrong to the commenter and people are just trying to make art and give something positive to the world

Recently you played at London’s Electric Brixton. How was that experience headlining such an awesome venue?

Best ever. It was full and mad… sold out shows are why we do it. To have everyone in that room, the energy was right. It was so right and mad that they had to shut the power off in the 1st minute of the set to calm everyone down in case people got hurt. They teased the crowd saying they will stop the show unless they took it down a level… Imagine if they didn’t do that? 

We want to hear about Glastonbury as well….

Glasto was so good. We played a rammed secret show at the Williams Green stage, NME were there shooting and then the next day was a huge show in the early afternoon. A dream ticked off the list playing Glastonbury. We played the tent and it was crazy. We split the crowd in half and they had a wall of death and it was sick. We love splitting crowds and they go crazy and crash into each other on the drop.


You seem to be juggling everything! You have your own lines of skate clothes Scum and Skating Skills – Are all these designs done by yourself?

All these are designs by me, yes. Scum is my merch and clothing line and has stuff from videos and characters from the Rat Boy world like Neptune or Scum. Skating Kills is my new clothing line that I’m working on now and the first piece was seen worn in the ‘Get Over It‘ video in the café.

After festivals fans line up for limited editions of these clothes. Do these other ventures make it easier for you to work on your music or do you find it takes time away from it?

It doesn’t take time away because I spend all my time working on things. When I have down time to relax I’ll be drawing new clothing designs. It’s just how I work. Downtime is maybe painting too.

You are very active on your Facebook page, is that the same with all social media?

Facebook is something we like to spend time on for sure and on Twitter. But my favourite at the moment is definitely Instagram. It’s just another way of making art. Posting photos and videos, plus people seem to be way, way, way less judgemental or bullyish on Instagram. Twitter you get harsh people, it’s a shame. But Instagram has been really good for me, it’s definitely my favourite platform.

You can purchase the EP here

What is next for Rat Boy after the release of your EP?

Next is putting the finishing touches on the album in UK and the other finishing touches in US, then the artwork for that all. In the meantime I’ll be doing more clothing designs and a collaboration with someone very cool but keeping it quiet ‘til its done. But before all that there’s our September headline tour – we love new people and new energy. Live shows are the best part of it with all these people gathered in one room, with the same purpose to enjoy music. Plus anything can happen at our shows… you could probably get up on stage and sing in my mic and take my hat. That’s all happened so many times haha.

Thanks for your time and I wish you well for your future!

Interview by Jen Rees

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