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Swedish Grammy award winning rock duo, Johnossi have released their new EP, ‘Air Is Free’

Johnossi consists of songwriter, singer and guitarist John Engelbert and drummer Oskar “Ossi” Bonde. John and Ossi, the two founding (and only) members started the two-man band in their early 20´s and only after five months they got a record deal and shortly after released their debut album that was going to make them one of the most influential acts in Sweden during the 21st century. The self-titled album featured hit singles like Man Must Dance & Summerbreeze and the band almost became stars overnight. Since the first album a decade ago, Johnossi have released three more records followed by a lot of touring overseas. Johnossi have had several platinum selling albums and singles and Top 10 radio hits in Sweden. They’ve also won several awards including Swedish Grammy Award ”Best Group” + two national Radio P3 Gold Awards ”Best Group” (equivalent of Radio 1 in UK).

Air Is Free EP Track Listing

01. Air Is Free

02. Weak Spots

03. Alone In The Summer

04. Air Is free – Wikström Remix

Checkout that album here.

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