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Chris from Laughed the Boy chats to Jen about their upcoming album ‘Here is Fine’.


‘Here is Fine’ Album Review by Jen.

If you enjoyed ‘Indifferent’ then this album is a must have album. There are 9 tracks of pure brilliance. Tempo changes, melodic rhythms that should come with a trance warning and well written lyrics round this album off superbly. The highlight for me is ‘I Sold Out For This’ in fact once I listened to this it was hard to turn off to listen to the other tracks! The final track ‘Acutane’ show cases Chris’ voice and the guitar makes you think it is going to be a slow self-reflection song when typical Laughed the Boy Style the drums and electric guitar jumps in. The lyrics “One big leap of Faith took my shot when I should have played in safe” resonates with me due to personal consideration of my life. This song is the icing on the cake for me and is a perfect concluding song.


Three mates from Toronto (Chris Panacci, Sean Panacci and Brennan Hrehoruk) headed into the studio to lay done 9 tracks last year that will make up their debut album ‘Here is Fine’. Their debut single ‘Indifferent was well received last year and ‘Bell Rock’ is an exceptional follow up. The LP is due for release on February 10th. Watch this band, you won’t be disappointed with the album.

Jen caught up with Chris to have a chat about their album and more. I liked ‘Bell Rock; the first time I listened to it, the melody is extremely catching and a good getting stuck in your head type of tune. It also has a laid-back feel to it that I love.

In your feature on Impose it states that the song is about Self Doubt and overcoming that. This is a theme that more so today than ever needs to be heard. Is it written from personal experience?

Yea I used to overthink things a lot, I think I’ve gotten better but it definitely still happens. I find if you don’t do something because you doubt yourself, you’ll probably end up regretting it, at least if you do it and it doesn’t work out, you still know you had the courage to do it. Sometimes you can’t wait for things to happen to you, you just have to go for it.

How does your writing process go? Does it involve all three of you?

I actually wrote a lot of this album in isolation, for better or for worse haha. I was unemployed and spent day after day sitting around my apartment trying out new sounds and writing stuff down. It usually starts with me playing a riff or chord progression on a loop and singing gibberish until I have an idea of what the melody is going to be and where the song is going to go. After it was all written I would do a few demos for each song in my basement and try new things each time. They don’t really come to life until I play them with Sean and Brennan to feel it all come together. The songs take a different shape when we play them as a band since it’s a bit more of a minimalist style, we have fun with it.

You are set to release your debut album ‘Here is Fine” on Feb 10th. This album is made up of songs that you wrote while rehearsing for shows, is there a theme for it or is it made up of different sounding individual songs?

I feel it’s a lot more personal than past work I’ve done in either Laughed the Boy or my other project, Busker Bros. I’m at a weird age where you really have to start figuring yourself out and a lot of it deals with that. The songs are a mix of being happy and slightly naive with that nervous feeling lurking in the background. The songs were mostly picked out of a collection I wrote over the time I was unemployed, except for “Trip Down the Gold Mine” which was written by Sean.


How long has it taken you to get to this point in your career, on the verge of releasing your debut LP?

I’ve been playing in bands since I was 15 and this is the first time I’ve actually done a full album professionally in a studio, mixed and mastered. I’ve released a lot of music with various bands but when I was younger it was all about having fun and experimenting with recording equipment. We did 3 albums of material with Busker Bros. but that was all us self-producing ourselves in a basement. Then with our first few Laughed the Boy EPs they were professionally mixed and mastered but they were still recorded in a bedroom haha. My girlfriend got me a day of studio time for my birthday a year ago which we used to record our “Out of the Blue” EP and I decided I had to do an album in that studio.

Any hardships or funny stories you can share with us that you have had along the way?

When you’re trying to get out in front of people and play lots of shows, you definitely get some weird ones. There was a time when Dan (drummer of Busker Bros.) and I were invited to an “open mic” at this weird hotel in Toronto. The guy who ran it turned out to be a bit crazy and it ended up with me being forced to sing a song into a microphone in an almost empty lounge while this same guy kept threatening to “go hard while I go soft” which to this day I still have no idea what he meant, like maybe he was going to scream while I played mellow music? Anyway, it felt like I was being held hostage to play music, definitely a weird and funny experience I won’t forget haha.


Have you a tour planned after the release of the album?

Right now we just have the album release party booked at The Smiling Buddha in Toronto on Feb 11th. We have some stuff in the works for around southern Ontario to promote the album and keep trying out other new songs.

Hope your stuff in the works goes well and all the best for the release of the record!

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