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Introducing Brooklyn rapper Leikeli47!

The masked artist – singer/rapper/songwriter/producer/creative – has already been creating huge, mysterious waves for the past few years introducing herself with her self-produced mixtape, “Lk-47”, in 2012.

More recently she followed this up with “LK-47 pt.II” in January 2014 which premiered on FADER.

Leikeli47’s track ‘Fuck The Summer Up’ launched last year as an exclusive on Billboard. The track also caught the attention of Diplo and Skrillex who then started featuring her on their “Diplo Approved” and “Skrillex Selects” Soundcloud profiles. She was later brought out as a surprise performer at their Madison Square Gardens 2014 New YearsEve Jack Ü show.

Brooklyn lives on Leikeli47’s tongue, spitting rhymes reminiscent of her legendary lyrical predecessors….. She’s not here for her face; she’s here for her bars, and that anonymity has garnered her visibility….

4444Leikeli47 is now set to release her self-titled debut EP on April 21. “Leikeli47” is now available for pre-order HERE and features tracks already released on previous mixtapes and Youtube along with brand new tracks.


  1. Proverbs 22:6 (skit)
  2. Two Times A Charm
  3. Drums II Clean
  4. Heard Em Say – IG with pre-order 3/31
  5. F*ck The Summer Up – IG with pre-order 3/31
  6. Natasha Sherry James (skit)
  7. Elian’s Theme, Based On A True Story- IG with pre-order 3/31
  8. I’m Happy II See You (skit)
  9. I’m Through
  10. Kit Kat


Overnight Leikeli47 premiered a brand new video for her track ‘Heard Em Say’, originally released in late 2012, on FADER

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