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Metalachi: Possibly the coolest cover band you’ve never heard of…. Until now. By Belinda

Following the airing of this Tuesday night’s America’s Got Talent show,

I predict one audition going viral. Metalachi.

By shear chance, I managed to meet and interview this band at Welcome to Rockville in Jacksonville, Florida fresh off their stage appearance in Tequila World. I took one look at them and said this has GOT to be good.   “All brothers with the same Mother, but different Fathers” is described by the lead singer know as Vega De La Rockha, the spokesman of the group, as “Innovative, fearless, multicultural, multi-genre, funny. Offensive, with a little bit of tapatio jizz on top”. This band has somehow developed a rabid cult following that can’t be ignored. One listen, you laugh until you cry at metal music translated into Marachi style, especially if you are watching one of the many You tube videos available, then as you listen you really begin to appreciate the musician ship and creativity involved in the group. Watch their music video here.


When speaking to them you do realize they love what they are doing, but definitely don’t take themselves too seriously. I can’t imagine a full show not being a completely fun filled, interactive night. When asked how they got started six years ago the answer was simple and hilarious. “We couldn’t afford electronic instruments, so we started using a mariachi instruments. Plus we wanted to see a lot of chi chis.” They probably do. They choose their songs through fan input and the opinion of their manager “El Gringo- Warren Moscow”. Once they chose a song the “trompeta player, and chi chi milk specialist” writes the arrangements. People enjoy them so much even original artists have sat in on their own songs. Dave Lombardo, former drummer of Slayer liked their version of “Raining Blood” so much that he played with them during their fan appreciation show in Hollywood at the Roxy.  Vega referred to it as “one of the most awesome moments, personally speaking”, adding that Vinny Paul is also a big fan and comes to their shows regularly in Las Vegas and Dallas.

Currently they have one album aptly titled “Uno” with eight songs, and are currently working on their second album which should be finished by the end of this year. They are always on the road in the Western US, but hope to tour other places soon. “ We are always on the road… Hey the child support don’t pay itself.” Figures he would end on a laugh.


El Cucuy

Vega De LaRockha

Ramon Holiday

Maximilian “Dirty” Sanchez

Poncho Rockafeller

Written by Belinda and Photos by Belinda

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