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Rocklahoma- The ultimate, never ending 4 day camp out fan fest!

If you’ve never been a part of Rocklahoma, you’re missing one of the best events in music. Situated in a the normally small and quite area of Pryor, Oklahoma, this huge event is nothing short of a music Mecca for the ever faithful fan. While there are a limited number of accommodations in the area, most fans, and artists, for that matter, choose to stay on property in the surrounding camp ground. People come from as far away as Canada and Europe and find their way there, some even renting RVs for the stay. It has quickly become a hell of a party. Tod E. Lee a six year veteran of the show will be coming from North Carolina again this year. He techs for some of the bands and has, at times, ridden a Grey Hound bus nearly cross country to get to the show. “It’s more about the people and the party for me.” People become a rock and roll family. Last year, Camp Jaeger lost a veteran, Don Renick, people turned out in droves to celebrate his spirit and even placed a sign on the stage that said “Rock on Don”.


Beginning on Thursday evening in the campground, stages begin rocking as temporary residents are setting up for the stay. While there are thousands of Rv’s and campers, some of the more adventurous opt for tents. Electricity and other utilities aren’t provided, but sewer and water services are available for a fee, as well as permission to run generators. There are shower facilities available as well.

Check out the Welcome to Rockville Video!



Surprisingly, even with the seemingly all night parties and craziness, the security is rarely ever involved in any worrisome events, and the rock and roll loyal are almost always courteous and easy going.

Tickets are required for every person staying in the campground area. First sounds in the campground are typically around 10 am and the stages kick back up after the main venue closes and don’t shut down until around 3am, so don’t plan on sleeping much if you camp near them. The best part about staying in the campground, especially the VIP section is the ability to mingle with some of the artists from the other stages. I’ve made quite a few friends with people from all over the world.

Now for the only downside, it’s Oklahoma in the spring. There isn’t always bad weather, but you should be weather aware. If you are asked to clear a venue, it is for your safety. Having some insider information, I can tell you that no promoter or artist wants to postpone or even cancel an appearance, but it is important to understand why it’s necessary. That being said, there have only be two occasions where weather was crazy enough to make a change, so go, pack some closed toed shoes or boots, a rain poncho, and have a blast! Rocklahoma offers talented entertainment. This year promises to be another great line up. Some veterans and new artists are appearing on the Hard Rock and Main stage. This includes Scorpions, Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch, and Rob Zombie will 1501118_10203425871360259_3129081252357103432_otake the main stage, along with really great acts such as Hell Yeah, Bango Tango, Sevendust, POD, and Pop Evil playing as well. What doesn’t get nearly enough press, in my humble opinion, is the Retrospect Records Stage. For two years straight, artists who previously played on this stage have been booked for the Hard Rock Stage at a later festival. This year’s new arrival to Hard Rock from the Retrospect Records Stage is Australia’s own, Mystery. If you want to know who some of the next big rock artists will be, a good visit to the Retrospect Records stage is a must. It’s a great chance to hear and see some great and exciting acts and mingle with the artists after their set. It’s a very friendly atmosphere and all about the music we love. Sam McCaslin, President and CEO of Retrospect Records says he does it to “give up and coming artists a change to play a big festival.” This is something that really benefits the all too competitive world of music. Some notable veterans of this stage are Ratchet Dolls, Diamond Lane, Project Terror and the crowd pleasing Dead Metal Society, will all be making an appearance. Florida’s Five Star Hooker, and legendary Nova Rex will be taking over the stage as well.

Rounding out the experience is a number of vendors and interactive displays that are certain to keep you busy and entertained. General admission presale starts at $102, VIP packages, which include food, upgraded parking, beer and reserve seats are a great deal at $352 pre sale. Camp sites are only $75. Check the festival website for more information.

rob zombie

Photos by Belinda Glass Reedy Photography.

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