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Jen interviews Jade Alice winner of Bank of Melbourne Music Bank Competition 2015

“Jade Alice is a young Australian singer-songwriter who grew up amidst the extraordinary noises of a musical household. Her musical stories are bubbly amalgamations of electro-pop, indie and folk fusions that draw on her encounters with first-love, fantasy and of course food.
Each of Jade’s songs is a snapshot of a feeling and a moment in time. Although personal, they are universal; meant for the listener to place themselves in the story’s centre. She finds inspiration and influence from the incredible works of Kimbra, Joni Mitchell, Broods and Taylor Swift.

Since the age of 12 Jade has shared her sounds with many, from performing to her dog in her bedroom, to performing her original song to an arena of 20,000 in the 2014 Victorian State Schools Spectacular, accompanied by an 80 piece orchestra. Jade was awarded first place in the 2012 ACMF national songwriting competition, won a Premier’s award for VCE music in 2014, and was the winner of the 2015 Melbourne Music Bank songwriting competition. She is currently a student of composition at the VCA and, has 3 of her songs holding position in the final 5 of a songwriting competition in Nashville in the pop category.

The songs Jade records and co-produces with her father Michael Ingvarson at Big Hand Studios (and recently at Sing Sing Studios) have been shared over radio stations including Clare Bowditch’s QANTAS in-flight broadcast, popular apps such as Videostar, Youtubers’/bloggers’ videos and articles.

Looking forward to the wonder of where her music will take her next, Jade is more passionate about songwriting than anything else… except maybe food. They rank pretty closely.” Press Release.



Hi Jade, thanks for your time to have a chat about all your great news. Reading your bio (above) I found that we share two passions, other than music. Food and dogs.  I smiled at the thought of you at the age of 12 performing to your dog in your bedroom, to where you are now. Does it feel like a dream come true for you?

It feels like I’ve been on such an amazing journey so far, but at the same time at the beginning of a whole other huge adventure! I’m so excited to see where this whole experience leads, I get to do what I’m passionate about everyday, which means I am living my dream.

Congratulations on winning the Bank of Melbourne Music Bank Competition 2015, back in October. The chance to record at Sing Sing Recording Studios, have a film clip done by Oh Yeah Wow, and mentoring from the industry’s finest will certainly enhance your music career. Can you tell us about the night at the Arts Centre when you were crowned the winner?

What a blur! It was so surreal to be in the state theatre, standing next to 3 other bands/artists just as equally as deserving and passionate, heart pounding at each drum roll for each runner up. Then I forgot to breath and sort of froze up when they called the last runner up.. I was like “..wait am I the only one left? I’M THE ONLY ONE LEFT?!”. I’ll never forget what a magical night it was, I’m still so over the moon.

Ha! Love it!

I listened to your interview with Casey Bennetto on 774 ABC Melbourne on the 5th of Feb.  It was interesting to listen to you explain your influences and the three you named, Joni Mitchell, Kimbra and Broods, can you explain to our readers a little bit about how they influence you?

Joni Mitchell as an artist has such a poetic form of songwriting, she captures these meditations on fantasy, reality and everyday simplicity in such a unique visual way. I think she has such an incredible story and is a strong woman I will forever admire. Kimbra is a whole different energy, she carries this huge sound in such a delicate, feminine frame. The buoyancy she brings to a room was something I had the pleasure of beholding on her last tour! The whole room was vibrating with energy that radiated out of her crazily dense, manipulated vocal layers, flavoured with funk, soul, jazz and electro-pop! I find it kind of scary to have so many similarities with Broods! They also grew up in a musical family… and their parents were also in an ABBA tribute band can you believe! I love their electronic sound and unique style, those dark ambient synth sounds really bring out Georgia’s light, airy sweet vocal.

Interesting that your parents were musicians in an ABBA tribute band, this must have had helped get to where you are today. Did you parents encourage you to follow your dreams and to continue to study music all the way through school?

Yes they are so supportive as musicians! ABBA’s music was so interesting to be around growing up, their melodies and structures are so complex but when we listen, they areso easy on the ear and so catchy! I know many other musicians who are not as fortunate to have their parents behind them when they want to step into such a competitive and demanding industry, I’ve been so lucky to have my parents encourage me every step of the way, and I co-produce all of my music with my dad at his studio! (Big Hand Studios).

Congrats on the Premier’s award for VCE music in 2014, in fact congrats on all the awards on your bio! You are still studying at VCA, can you tell us a little about your studying schedule?

I’ll be starting up my second year at VCA in late February! My course, Interactive Composition, is such a unique one and very intimate with only around 20 spots for students. It’s a very inspiring environment to be in with the people you meet, I find that the course always compliments what I’m doing in the industry.

I adore your music video to ‘Kick Drum’, I love the special effects. The song also demonstrates your amazing vocal range. Did you enjoy making the video and did you have a say in what concepts you wanted the video to include?

Being on the set for the Kick Drum video was like being in a playground! I was heavily involved with the styles of the set ups and clothes, I love dreamy, fantasy boho styles. Working with the directors at ‘Oh Yeah Wow’ was a really professional, valuable experience, they’ve worked with artists like Gotye, Boy and Bear and Hermitude!

On the 18th of Feb you are have a single Launch party for Kick Drum.  I do hope to make it, are you looking forward to performing it and sharing it with your fans in person?

The recording process is building and creating, but then the performing my songs is being able to share them and put the creation on display for people to see, it’s the presentation of the work and I love to get peoples reactions! When I perform the music, it no longer belongs to me, it belongs to the person listening to it and becomes their story that they see themselves in.

Readers can purchase tickets here

I have been reading your Facebook comments and you seem to have already a solid fan base. It is a great way to be able to keep up with your news, as there is so much to keep up with! Great to see that you are in the top 10 of the regional AMRAP charts last week.

Thank you! I was quite surprised to see the song in the charts! I love that people can communicate with me so easily in that form, I love to hear what people have to say about my music!


I really wish you well in launching your song and career. It is a pleasure to interview such a talent young person when you have the whole world at your feet.

Thank you so much Jen, loved answering your questions! I wish you all the best!

Thanks, Jen

Like Jade Alice on Facebook here to keep up with all her news. Stay tuned for what is going to be an awesome career!

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