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Chirping release a ‘Corona’ off their 4 track EP called ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Receiving an email from Mystic Sons Press Agency to check out this new single from Chirping I was not expecting to hear a song like this! Take a listen! 

“Guaranteed to get stuck in your head in a good way, (not and Achy Breaky Heart way!) the guitar riffs and awesome clean vocals this song is worth listening to more than once.” Music Injection Australia 

“The fresh, fast paced and catchy guitar riff and the immediate start of the song draws you in quickly and it simply doesn’t let you go until the song has finished, and even then, you’re left wanting more.”- Words For Music

 “A recipe for how to craft a great indie pop song”- Indie Shuffle 

 Based out of Stockholm, the 4-piece, self-sufficient D.I.Y indie-pop band called Chirping, look set to become the latest in a long line of hugely successful Scandinavian exports to embrace our ears. Their previous work has already received huge acclaim with airplays on BBC Radio 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq and Tom Robinson’s Fresh On The Net as well as BBC London’s Gary Crowley and Absolute Radio’s Frank Skinner. Now the group are ready to release a 4 track EP called Dancing With The Stars, which looks set to further increase their threshold on the international music scene.

The new single Corona combined with the low-octave crooning of the lead vocals resembles the feel and freedom of Julian Casablancas, and together with ‘The Strokes versus The Vaccines’ sonic blend it embraces every aspect of Chirping’s creative abilities.


Being sonically a warm and energetic boost to anyone’s freezing winter days, Corona will be available to buy and download from the 4th of March 2016.






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