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Vanessa Forero revives indie folk music with a Colombian twist

Vanessa Forero has an unique voice with her finger picking guitar playing and the catchy tune ‘Same Boat’ is a must listen to song. It is a tune that gets your toes tapping and wanting to sing along. With the right promotion and a hint of luck this song has the potential to chart.- Music Injection Aus


British/Colombian singer-songwriter Vanessa Forero is set to release her self-produced EP on March 28th, a collection of 5 songs which came from a place best described by the EP title ‘From The Uproar’. Forero is a skilled multi-instrumentalist as well as a producer, composer, arranger and vocalist. After being selected in 2015 by Brit Award Singer-Songwriter Beth Orton to write and perform at her UK show, Forero decided to become her own artist and record her own songs in her distinctive Indie/Folk style with Latino influences.

For her debut EP, Forero recorded and played a lot of native Latin instruments herself, and even sings the evocative bonus track ‘Anhela’ in Spanish. Her sound is a reminder of her roots and has been greatly inspired by her time spent in Colombia. Forero was first introduced to a whole new music scene whilst filming National Geographic’s feature documentary ‘Woman Raised by Monkeys’, a film based on the bestselling book on her mother’s extraordinary life ‘The Girl With No Name’, a book that she co-wrote herself.

Vanessa Forero has recently revealed the underwater-themed video for her new single ‘Same Boat’. This new track is guaranteed to plant a smile across your face and have you hum in no time. So do not hesitate to embark on a journey across the choppy seas to get to know Vanessa’s unique world.

You can listen to ‘Same Boat’ here


Read more about Vanessa here:

British/Colombian singer-songwriter Vanessa Forero has been composing since the age of nine. She has mainly written film/TV scores and songs for other artists, but since being selected in 2015 by Brit award singer-songwriter Beth Orton to write with and perform at her UK show, Forero decided to become her own artist and record her own songs in her gutsy Indie/Folk style with Latino influences.


The songstress is also a bestselling author, having co-written the book on her mothers extraordinary life “The Girl With No Name”, for which National Geographic made the feature documentary “Woman Raised By Monkeys”. Having spent several months filming out in Colombia, Forero re-connected to her Latin roots and was exposed to a whole new music scene there, all of which inspired her to produce songs with upbeat rhythms on Colombian skin-drums and other South American instruments.

Forero is a skilled multi-instrumentalist as well as a producer, composer, arranger and vocalist. She is also passionate about working with women in the industry and uses as many girls where possible, from the percussionists to the music-video directors. Her self-produced debut EP ‘From The Uproar’ is due for release March 2016.

Her new single ‘Same Boat’ is a song about those times when you want something but timing has the last say, “same boat different tide.” The song features playfully played native Latin instruments like the charango, cuatro, Colombian hand drums, even a real marimba for some watery ripples.

“With a subtle finger picking style and a warm breathy voice, she is proving to be an exciting rising talent out of England” –

“Her debut single Heaven Knows is stunning” – Listen With Monger

Final Cover_from-the-uproar-itunes

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