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Tahoe release new single ‘Golden’

Founded early January 2013 in Paris, Tahoe is a five-piece alternative rock/
post-hardcore band. Tahoe delivers a rich and dynamic alternative rock,
mixing a wide variety of sounds and ambiances in every song, moving from
catchy choruses to ambiant/electronic atmospheres.
After having released two singles “Diopside” and “Blurry Vision” at the end of
2013, the band reveals its debut EP “Wonders” on February 2015, followed
by three music videos featuring the EP songs, all through the year : “Vectors”
on February, “Memory Failures” on April and “Crossed Paths” on June.
On March 2016, Jonny Nelson (ex Violet) joins Tahoe as their new frontman,
in replacement of Mickael Lopes. The band releases a new single called
“Golden”, which shows the band’s new musical direction.
Tahoe notably opened for Polar on May 1st 2015 at Le Klub, for Circa Survive
on June 6th 2015 at Le Backstage and for Alesana on August 31st 2015 at
Le Batofar in Paris.
Credits : Emma Forni, Morgane Legars

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