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Monet releases his debut single ‘You’

Introducing Monet (/moʊˈneɪ/;) – a multi-faceted artist who lists directing and modelling on his repertoire – and now adds singing as the China born and bred talent releases his debut single ‘You’..

‘You’ is an infusion of electronic rhythms and pop sensibilities. It is a ballad about falling in love once again. “It came to mind in a stormy dusk when I was on holiday on an island last year,” says Monet. “I was sitting by the ocean watching the lightning striking over the horizon then some old memories rekindled themselves and from them came this song.”

Originally from the Chinese town of Wujin – a city with a 3000-year old history – Monet is now based in Brisbane, Australia – the city he has called home since 2012.

Monet’s history in music is short and sweet but his passion for music has never wavered. Monet was first introduced to music having started performing in his local theatre since the age of five. He was forced out of music several years later by his parents after being sent to an academic school with high hopes for him to become a lawyer or a doctor.

Whilst he was finishing his studies in China, he also worked as a part-time director and co-producer in a local TV station. He moved to Brisbane, Australia in 2012 where he decided to pick up his love for music and film again enrolling to study music for which he has done so for the past two years culminating to this, his debut single.

“A lot of people like to use the word “dream” for music. For me, when something/someone becomes a habit to you, you just don’t want to shake it off… that’s what music is to me”.

Having already written a handful of songs, Monet has no plans to slow as he starts to combine his love of music and directing with the release of several follow up singles this year accompanied by self-directed visuals.

‘You’ available now through iTunes and Spotify

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