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From Brisbane’s buzzing guitars, to Melbourne’s slinky electro, location informs a lot of an artist’s sound. Rockhampton local Upile Mkoka, aka Weathered, has managed to cloister the sound from his surroundings with his new EP Lunar, a stunningly crafted populated sound with echoes of the isolated viewpoint of northern living. 

A solo operation, Weathered’s Lunar was self-recorded and produced in a vacuum of conflicting change and lost hope for Upile. Lunar is a collection of tracks exploring loss and love, the themes surrounded by sparse instrumentation, negative space that underlines the messages pass on from Upile’s lilting vocals.

First single “Light” encapsulates the EP in 4 minutes – backed by percussion from GOVS’ Josiah Birrell, Upile’s lamentations are driven from the lush, reverberating guitar, a perfect pairing for an account of uncertainty. Upile says, “This was the first song written for the EP –it comes from a rough time in my life where I felt like I was totally alone, going about things in a completely different way than I’d been taught. That jump into the unknown was this daunting feeling, but ended up moulding the track in a completely unique way.”

Despite the lyrical weavings, “Light” is a surefooted and strong headed musical statement, giving a glimpse into the Weathered world; an insight into Lunar’s exploration and an impression of a bright future.


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