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Dzasko x Tom Ven’s “Keep Breathing”
premiering on We Rave You
via Eclypse Records

“…the two talents return for another track called “Keep Breathing” and the results are, once again, incredible.”

– We Rave You

Diego Zevallos, or better known by his moniker Dzasko, is an up-and-coming talent from Peru who is certainly set to make long strides within the industry. Growing up with a passion for electronic music, Dzasko began experimenting in music production and as proven by his releases, Dzasko’s prowess is undeniable. Especially with his massive collaboration alongside Hungarian progressive house duo Stadiumx, Dzasko continues to show that he is capable of delivering high-quality productions.

Similarly, Dutch producer Tom Ven has been on the rise for his astounding melodic sounds. Supported by some of the biggest names in the business, including Hardwell and Oliver Heldens, Tom Ven has also successfully established himself as one of the most creative artists out there.

Combining their respective progressive house styles together, Tom Ven and Dzasko once collaborated for an outstanding track titled “Conquer”, which evidently caught the attention of many dance music fans around the world. After this unique record, the two talents return for another track called “Keep Breathing” and the results are, once again, incredible. This collaboration features a beautiful, melodic sequence that impeccably blends with the striking male vocals. After the buildup, the stunning progressive drop ensues and provides an unbelievable listening experience from start to finish. Overall, with its euphoric vibes and uplifting energy, “Keep Breathing” is the perfect summer tune that will undoubtedly brighten up anyone’s day.
– We Rave You

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