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Emil Molin and Daniel Mauricio team up and have released a new single ‘Hurricane’

Sweden is about to introduce yet another brilliant song writer/artist crew to the universe. Well, that’s not anything new, we are actually getting kind of used to it… but we have to consider that this is a crew that individually have worked with artists such as Zara Larsson, Anouk and Loreen [amongst others]. With that in mind, I’m sure most of us set our hopes quite high – and we won’t get disappointed.

Emil Molin and Daniel Mauricio are two Swedish Musical Artists (Emil have played in Swedish setups of ’Into the Woods and ’Motown’ while Daniel have been seen in ”The Lion King’ at West End and in ’Chicago’, Copenhagen). Their paths crossed during a rehearsal of a musical production in Stockholm, they got to know each other and quite quickly started to work on different projects together. ’Hurricane’ will be the duo’s first release although the collaboration between them both has been there for a while now. “We run our own Youtube channel called Blunderbuss Music. Basically that’s the main reason to why we got the question to record ’Hurricane’ in the beginning.

I said yes right away ’cause I got blown away when I heard the song for the first time. I’m really happy we got the chance to record it”, says Daniel Mauricio.

The song is written by Patrizia Helander (Zara Larsson), Anders Nilsson (Anouk), Simon Magnusson & Johannes Timander and produced by Lars Norgren (Tove Lo, Sabina Ddumba) and Carlyle Fernandes.

’Hurricane’ is set to be released on the 2nd of May but have already been premiere-covered in Sweden, the Dominican Republic and Canada. ”It is awesome that people are so interested in this whole project, ’cause we haven’t released anything before. Hopefully ’Hurricane’ will be the first of many projects – It will be a pretty cool journey to wander”, says Emil Molin.

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