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Teddybears release insane music video for ‘The Best You Ever Had’!

Teddybears ‘The Best You Ever Had’ music video is mindblowing! A must see, not just once but many times! So much is packed into 3 minutes and 34 seconds! Music Injection Australia

Teddybears are a band that don’t care what others think of them, and they truly fight for what they believe in. They have got into trouble previously for sharing their views on Peace and Equality. To have a platform where they can express their views and be heard, I admire them for their courage. They have “Although we’ve proven that we can have number ones, we’re choosing to go against popular trends” attitude. Good on them!

Their new album “Rock On” which will be coming out in the US and Canada 26th of August. It features acts like Busy Signal, Beenie Man, Cutty Ranks, Ninjaman and Baby Trish.

Having recently worked with Giorgio Moroder and Charli XCX on Diamonds, collaborating on new material with Sia, Katy Perry, John Newman, Ellie Goulding, Max Martin and Petite Meller, featured on FIFA, Peugeot, being the worldwide official Marshall Headphones soundtrack, it is more what haven’t they done that what they have!

The official US/Canadian Release 26th August 2016



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“In light of that, “Broken Heartbeat” was clearly destined to be a solid single. Top that off with an appearance by dancehall legend Beenie Man, and you’ve got yourself a track that I just couldn’t say “no” to” – INDIE SHUFFLE 

 “The most important big-heads to come out of Sweden’s music scene, like, ever.” – NOISEY

 “Spiked with psychedelic guitars and skittering synths. Nice!”- SPIN

 “No genre seems immune to the band’s acute sense of pop sensibilities”- CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND

 Mid-90s rock-electronica seems to have remained in the deepest valley of cultural relevance to finding new ways of making music, intertwining loops, riffs, repetitions and all that electronic rock is known for today. The multi- Grammy award winning Teddybears have decided to reopen the genre’s door in the shape of their upcoming new single The Best You Ever Had.

 Having worked with a number of pop superstars such as Max Martin, Cee-Lo Green, Sia, Iggy Pop, Petite Meller and Ellie Goulding, Teddybears have now teamed up with the ex- Boyz N Da Hood US rapper Gorilla Zoe to create a genuine retro tribute (but with a contemporary hip hop twist) to the mid-90s rock-tronica and all its forefathers.

 The Best You Ever Had is a sonically accurate combination between Chemical Brothers Go, Daft Punk Robot Rock and Fatboy Slim Push The Tempo showing that Teddybears have packaged yet another song into a unique piece of music. By sturdily building the foundations of their writing and producing careers, they’ve kept the freedom to do, write and produce what they want within the band, no matter how un-pop, un-obvious or unusual it may be… 

 Jocke says: “The song started with a guitar-riff that I was goofing around with and that originally sounded like some kind of Slayer-esque metal riff. Then I played the same riff on a cheap chip-synth and it sounded really cool, so that’s how that came about.”

 Jocke says about the new video: “The video is like a weird disturbing trip. Sexy psychedelic and creepy all at once. Fat and sleazy like too much whipped cream and custard. Like taking acid when you’re having dinner at your grandma’s.”

 The band have already turned heads with their unusual sonic selections, and have been airplayed multiple times on BBC Radio 6 Music (including Steve Lamacq and Iggy Pop) as well as supported by Consequence Of Sound, The Line Of Best Fit, SPIN, Noisey and Indie Shuffle to name a few. Pitchfork even say their sound “is like an aural Jackson Pollock painting” which clearly illustrates the musically unpredictable attitude of the Teddybears.

 The Best You Ever Had is taken from the band’s upcoming new LP Rock On, and both will be available in the States and Canada 26th August 2016.





Instagram: @teddybearsmusic

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