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Well the action just really heated up for THE USED’s Australian Tour! Melbourne’s STORM THE SKY, riding the wave of their Aria # 30 charting album ‘Sin Will Find You’, join the tour. Their new album is receiving worldwide attention with Rolling Stone describing it as “a crushingly catchy record of millennial come ups and come downs….dark, aching synths and U2-sized hooks”. Sydney duo CORPUS will also be coming along for what is one of the most talked about rock tours of the year!
In conjunction with the support act announcement we can now confirm the following: Due to phenomenal demand the Friday 9th December show in Brisbane has been upgraded and moved to Eatons Hill. Whilst the Thursday 8th December show has been moved to Saturday the 10th December at Eatons Hill. Tickets for both shows are on sale now through Oztix.
Whilst the Perth Show on Sunday 27th November at Metropolis, Fremantle has been moved to Friday 25th November! All tickets bought for the Sunday remain valid for the Friday show.


It’s there. It’s always there. The demon on your shoulder, the guilt in the pit of your stomach. It finds us all. And the only cure for guilt is ruthless, breathtakingly honesty. Sin Will Find You, is the new album from Melbourne’s Storm The Sky, a deeply emotive collection of songs that holds up a powdery mirror to the millennial culture that greedily seduces all comers. But rather moralising from on high, frontman William Jarratt has written from his own personal experience and composed a starkly honest collection of songs about love, cheating, drugs and friendship from the pages of his own diary. It’s that sense of exploration, both internal and musical, which gives Sin Will Find You its ashen wings. Take lead single Jaded Ghost, which deals with the aftermath of a crushing breakup, the haunting Medicine or the darkly confessional title track – they are all the work of a band keen to challenge and unsettle, all within a skyscrapingly melodic framework. There’s a directness and power to Storm The Sky that is represented by these dark pop songs, and it’s a darkness that is staring right back.



Sydney duo Corpus are a hard band to pin down. Ever insistent on defying genre, their intense musicality and penchant for pushing beyond the expected two-piece soundscape has garnered them a loyal underground following in the Australian music scene. Most notable when their 2014 gatecrash of the Vans Warped Tour saw them play a string of chaotic floor shows to delighted punters, with Bert McCracken (The Used) championing their work and further taking the Sydney duo under his wing. Corpus are poised to deliver a wildly impressive career ahead, with their uncompromising and eclectic blend of gritty post-hardcore, nihilistic grunge and pop sensibility.




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