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For Metalhead Gamers: Video Games that Feature Metal Bands and Musicians.

Since its inception and birth in the 1970s, Metal Music has garnered an almost cult-like following. It’s been used as standalone music or for accompaniment in shows, movies and video games. For this piece, we are going to take a look at some great video games that feature songs from heavy metal.

If you’re a metal fan, then it’s downright impossible for you not to know who Metallica are. Combining the music of one of the world’s most successful metal bands and arcade-style guitar playing, Guitar Hero: Metallica effectively blended music fandom with video game entertainment.

The game will take some time to complete as well, given that as many as 49 songs from the band are playable in the game, not to mention additional tracks from other artists. Cinema Blend mentioned that these include Alice in Chains, Judas Priest and Motorhead.



Iron Maiden and Synthetic Dimensions did a great collaboration for Ed Hunter. Simultaneously released in 1999, Ed Hunter follows the adventures of the band’s mascot, Eddie, as he fights his way through dungeons and stages based on Iron Maiden’s album covers. Of course, you’ll hear the group’s best songs as you play.


Games Radar declared that you can’t possibly make a list  of great metal games without including Brutal Legend. With a protagonist wielding a battle axe and a Flying V electric guitar exploring a world inspired by heavy metal album covers, it’s immediately noticeable that the game is truly metal.

Add to that the character voices lent by artists like the late Lemmy Kilmister and Rob Halford as well as a BGM line up which includes songs from Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne and Motley Crue, and you have yourself a totally metal adventure. It’s also classified as a real-time strategy, by the way, so you can’t really rage out, hacking enemies all throughout to finish the game.

Generally speaking, it’s easy to see that music can enhance a player’s overall experience in a game and an infographic about music and gaming from Pocketfruity explained  about music and gaming from Pocketfruity explained that there are several ways to incorporate the two. For instance, there are sub-genres such as electronic music, which reproduces various sounds and tunes that can make a player’s arousal levels increase in anticipation of something happening in the game.


Similarly, the metal genre is a perfect fit when taking into account the gameplay of the titles listed herein, Disturbed Shadow stated that the genre can be used  in a wide variety of games because it works well in setting up an atmosphere.

Metal is in itself is a broad genre. It has numerous types such as progressive, contemporary, neoclassical, thrash, heavy, etc. Thus, there have been many and there will be more games with metal music as a key component in the future.

That’s not bad at all, either – jamming to the tracks while in an adrenaline rush engrossed in a video game is an epic way to kill boredom. Do you have more metal game titles to recommend? Leave them in our comments section below.

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