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Drastic Decline Records are pleased to announce the new single by Severed Limb, ‘Bela Lugosi’ just released.

Drastic Decline Records will release the new single by South London six-piece Severed Limb on Nov 12. To launch the single the band will play a benefit gig for ‘Musicians Against Homelessness’ at Brixton Windmill on Nov 12. 

 Since forming in 2009 Severed Limb have become stalwarts of the South London circuit and beyond. They have played numerous BBC sessions including one for Steve Lamacq at the legendary Maida Vale Studios. They have played to a full house at the Royal Albert Hall opening for Imelda May. They have released records with Damaged Goods, Serious Types and more. They were named in Hot Chip’s “dream festival line-up” alongside Brian Eno and Aphex Twin. They have busked and gigged around Europe on numerous occasions. Bass player Si Mitchell taught Joe Strummer everything he knew… about backgammon.

Recorded to two-inch tape at the all analogue Chuckalumba Studios in Dorset, ‘Bela Lugosi’ sees the band move away from the punk skiffle sound they made their own. “We didn’t want to be associated with bands at festivals who wear waistcoats, so you mutate and survive”. Washboards, accordions and acoustic guitars are replaced with organs, full drum kit, and garage-heavy guitars. “The evolution feels natural. You learn your craft playing roots music in the street and then you plug in and see what happens.” 


 Severed Limb

Robert Paul (vocals, guitar)

Sam Soper (guitar)

Alex Barrow (organ)

Simon Mitchell (bass)

Charlie Michael (drums)

Leo Lewis (percussion)

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