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VildirHeart releasing their 5 songs EP “Flowers From the North”

“VildirHeart are extremely different from any other band. I love the fact that they have a unique sound and experiment with their instruments vocals. Take a listen for yourself!” Music Injection Australia

Alternative pop band VildirHeart from Stockholm, Sweden just had their digital release of their 5 songs EP “Flowers From the North”. The debut album “The Core” was released in Aug 2011, single “Stay Little Daydream” 2013, second album “Send Me To the Lions” in Jan 2015.

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Producer is Daniel Kärn, from Swedish upcoming hard core/pop punk band “Like Torches”.

VildirHeart have had airplay on Swedish national radio (P3 Star Unsigned, P2, Gimme Indie) and on Internet based radio stations and student radio stations in the US.

On YouTube VildirHeart has 2 music videos and a cover recorded of the song “Gitarrer och hat, trummor och bas”.

Beside band leader, song writer and pianist Karin Dietrichson, her son Fredrik is joining on bass/vocals. Guitarist Joakim Wingenblixt is adding colourful instrumental influences and arrangements. On recordings Fredriks sister Maia is doing lead vocals. So the band started out as a family trio.

With inspiration from a 10 day tour in Slovakia spring 2015 new songs were born with titles as “Flowers From the North” and “Laughs”.

Influences of VildirHeart are music from the early 70’s of the US, current bands as “Bayside”, “MAE”, “BrightEyes”, “Whitney”, British “Daughter” and “Florence and the Machine”, “Small Time Giants” from Greenland/Denmark, ”Of Monsters And Men” from Iceland and Swedish indie band “Hästpojken”.




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