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3D In Your Face becomes the latest “Cinderella” story at Rocklahoma.

While on their way to play the Retrospect/ D&B Stage, the smallest of the three at Rocklahoma, the band 3D In Your Face’s Road to Rocklahoma Tour was almost washed out before they arrived.  On Tuesday night, as I assist on the stage, I received a less than calm phone call from Sam Spade, the bassist for the band.  “Belinda, we lost our drummer tonight, he quit.  I’m on my way to Chicago to pick up a fill in and then back to playa show tomorrow night in Oklahoma City.”  Their drummer had decided to go home from Kansas City, so this was no short run trip.  To quote Sam in his blog, they were devastated.

Once they had picked up Jimmy Mess, drummer of Tattooed Millionaires and a hired gun when not on his own tour, they were headed for a completely non-rehearsed show in Oklahoma City.  Fortunately, Mess is a very talented man and binge listened to their originals all the way there.  On Thursday, the band rolled into the venue at Rocklahoma without their signature tour bus as it has broken down prior to the tour, and they had rented a U-Haul, not the best of transportation options, but you do what you have to.  They played a very good set for the Camp Jager pre-party, had some gumbo, and did their usual social scene.  The guys are quite noticeable in their glam-rock attire.  Sam has his jeans custom tailored with the addition of patches made from old concert t shirts and at one point he donned an LED pink tutu made for him by Carrie Reeves, a local crafter.



The thing I noticed most about this band is the loyalty a camaraderie they both give and inspire.  Even though they didn’t play until Sunday, they were in the venue supporting the other acts from the stage all day, every day.  That’s quite a task since first sounds are at 3PM and run until 1:30 AM daily.  Their only break from this pace was when severe weather threatened and an evacuation and subsequent cancellation was ordered around 6:30 PM Saturday.  They were back in the venue around 11:30 Sunday morning preparing for a normal set, and then it happened.  One Less Reason, to open the day on the River Spirit Casino stage, was forced to cancel their set due to a break down.  There was no act to open the stage which was to host acts such as Nothing More and Taking Back Sunday.   The stage would remain dark until the next act was to go on unless they were replaced.  AEG, the production company responsible for the entire show had to make a decision.  The organizers of the Retrospect Stage were called to find a band that had brought their entire back line to play.  This is something that doesn’t happen often on this stage as a backline provided for it.  It had to be someone who was touring elsewhere.  After a frantic search, 3D In Your Face was suddenly and without warning propelled into the spotlight of stage two.  I was given the task of getting their passes to them and notifying them of the wonderful and slightly terrifying news.  They would open the last day of a major festival with a mostly unrehearsed fill in drummer.  “Best of Luck”.  I began phoning Sam and he kept pressing the FU button.  The more I called the more excited I became.  Finally, he answered.  In my excitement I blurted out, I’m about to make your year.  Get your asses to the 2nd stage.  You guys are opening the entire festival today.  Make us proud and don’t fuck it up.”  Whoops.  After finding out they had been in the middle of an interview, I hopped on the golf cart and gave them their, as Sam calls it, their “big boy stage” passes.  What a great moment for them.  They got their passes while they were on the air and the interviewer went on Facebook live to let them announce the moment.



Next thing you know, they were in a completely different world.  People were asking them about their needs, they were given all the items from the original rider, third stage does not have those, and they never had to touch their gear. Somewhere between Camp Jager and the venue, they misplaced a crash cymbal stand.  The band T.R.O.Y., also playing on stage three, were magnanimous enough to loan them one.  As a side note, they are worth checking out. They have most recently on tour with Avatar, and Skillet.



There is something magical about that stage.  For the second year in a row someone who previously played the smallest stage in the festival played the set of a lifetime.  People sang along, danced, and the energy was amazing.  You could not have asked for a better crowd reaction and the outpouring of support was intoxicating.  Their joy was palatable and the smiles were permanently fixed to their faces.  It was near perfection. If you ask Sniper, he will tell you there were a couple of hiccups but no one else noticed.

After the set, while passing by, the stage manager commented on how great they were.  I told her the circumstances with their drummer and she was blown away.  “That’s a group of true professionals.”  All day they received compliments, took fan photos and enjoyed the sudden notoriety.  If you have an opportunity, check out the band.  You can also keep up with their adventures through Sam Spade’s blog here:

Written by Belinda Reedy. Photos by Belinda Reedy.

2 Comments on 3D In Your Face becomes the latest “Cinderella” story at Rocklahoma.

  1. Bruce Howe // June 17, 2017 at 8:12 pm // Reply

    Tell my nephew Sammy Spade we are so proud him and the band – great article 👍😎

    Liked by 1 person

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