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Rosenfeld releases new single ‘True’.

Photo credit Misha Labruyere

French classically-trained songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Rosenfeld has released his third single ‘True’ off his EP called ‘The Red Room’.  Born into a musical family he learnt classical piano at home then studied music theory, singing and guitar lessons at the Conservatoire of Paris. He later quit this as he was ready to make music true to himself. He fuses genres effortlessly, in fact, there are at least 7 mentioned in his bio. He really needs one of his own!

‘True’ is a song based on Rosenfeld’s feelings at the time of writing. Feeling that love only had meaning if you were loved truly just the way you are he has built this theme into an amazing unique single. Honestly, this is a sort of song that I don’t normally share as I am not a huge fan of the music style. However, the ‘True’ lyrics really spoke to me and held real meaning. I really like the vocal sound, even though I usually prefer clean vocals. In spite of this, I adore ‘True’ and I think you will too. Take a listen here. 









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1 Comment on Rosenfeld releases new single ‘True’.

  1. I found Rosenfeld releases new single `True. very educational.

    I want to share with you how my children learned to love the piano:
    Kisses!! 🙂


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