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Take a listen to ‘Brother Brother’s’ new single ‘Better Places’ to absorb their energy!

 “It is difficult not to get caught up in the force field of ‘Better Places’. Infectious, a deep connotation and the incredible banjo sounds makes this single a must listen and addition to a playlist. “




Jen catches up with the brothers to find out more about the band.

So clearly you guys are brothers, to me that means loads of arguments, picking on each other and generally just trying to annoy the other one. So, Twins! How do you manage to not only work together but sing these magical harmonies?

A lot of people think it’s difficult to work with family sometimes, but we’ve always been each other’s best friend if we are honest about it. We both think differently, but thankfully it helps provide perspective for our projects! Harmony is something that we find comes naturally (both sonically and relationally) if we have that as our aim.


I read that you come from a long line of musicians? Can you shed some light on this?

Our mom and dad raised us in a musical home, and we were always listening to family members play as we grew up. A lot of people assume our family pushed us towards music, but it was just such an inspiration that our dad played so prolifically that we naturally gravitated towards it. Always having been at band practices and musical events since we can remember helps instill it in you. 


You are still a relative newcomer to the music industry although this does not reflect in your music. “Better Places,”, can you take us through the writing process of this song?

Better Places was a journey in the way it came about! Originally we had it as a much shorter, slower piece. It began to evolve as we played it more and more, and over time we decided to add more to it and take away in turn. The new parts became the chorus, hook, and more – all missing from the original version. Even so, we didn’t plan to record it until we showed the demo to Matt Odmark, the albums producer. He insisted we do a few rough cuts, and from there we kept playing with it until it became what it is now. We couldn’t be happier with the final product!


It is a seriously catchy song that has a pretty somber meaning if you are the one left behind with friends in better places, was this inspired by a personal story?

It was indeed! For us, Branson, MO was a great place to cut our teeth as musicians for the two seasons we performed there. We met so many amazing people as a part of our time there, and saying goodbye was a difficult thing! It was an amazing thing though: we began to notice that everyone around us was moving on to other, bigger things. For us, it was this album and the touring we’re doing on it. It’s so good to see your friends do well, and this is our tribute to that.


You are known as the band that is “indie rock with a banjo” then I saw you (or one of you….) playing the violin, how many instruments can you both play? Is there an instrument that one can play and not the other?

We’ve played so many different things at different times! In Branson we played as a backup band to Jim Stafford, so we served as utility players for a lot of the show. While we both try and learn the basics of everything, one or the other of us is inevitably better at a given instrument. That being said, we’ve had anything from banjo, drums, bass, guitars, and midi equipment to glockenspiel and congas thrown under us at some point or another.


What is next for you guys after the release of ‘Better Places’? I notice you have a fair few shows lined up!

We have a US tour planned out for the fall season! Details and ticket information can be found on our site, Our full album, “The New Kids” will follow soon after on October 27th!


Thanks, I really like your sound. Keep up the great work!

Thank you so much for the questions and the interview! We enjoyed it. 

– Bradley & Brett 
The infectious Brother Brother have brought a vibrant and much needed jolt of energy to the indie world with their previous releases and are back again with their newest single, “Better Places,” out now!
Aipate says, “Indie-pop outfit Brother Brother returns with an equally vibrant song, ‘Better Places’…’Better Places’ empathizes with that feeling of having failed in an endeavor.”
If you’re feeling like everything you’ve set out to do has failed, stop and take a listen to Brother Brother’s “Better Places” – a track that empathizes with this exact feeling. Brother Brother takes you on their journey of self-discovery and finally reaching that “aha” moment. What may seem like the end is really just “the end of the beginning.”

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