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Underoath Melbourne Gig Review by Evan Richardson.

Photos by Elizabeth Kent

Post-Hardcore/Metalcore champions Underoath bought their long awaited “Rebirth” tour to Melbourne this weekend after an agonising wait since it’s first announcement in mid 2015. The band has toured all over the world since their reformation, finally bringing their double album nostalgia ridden showcase to Australian audiences and boy, was it worth the wait.

Before the first half of their set, the album “They’re Only Chasing Safety” the crowd was truly eager for the sing-along-chorus driven emo classic. The buzzing sense of camaraderie amongst the audience was an unexpected vibe I haven’t felt at a gig in years, there was no mistaking this was just as much of a reunion for the long time fans as it was for the band it’s self. Every song was just another hit to that strange part of your brain that kind of misses the long dead culture of stupid fringe haircuts, bombastic fluoro band T-shirts and overzealous use of the word “rawr” that was so prevalent at the time of the albums release.


Playing these albums from start to finish track by track didn’t really leave much in the way of surprises, though it seemed the crowds knowledge of exactly what song was coming next only added to the level of excitement. It was truly astonishing to hear an entire room sing along to every word of an album released in 2004 without a single falter.

Next up was the 2006 classic album, and (in my opinion) Underoath’s magnum opus, “Define the Great Line”. After a short ambient instrumental break the band exploded back on stage with the timeless metalcore banger “In Regards to Myself”, the pit instantly opening right up, energy levels at what was for sure a high for the night.  With maybe half way through the album the show’s “meme” arrived, the crowds cheers and applause was some how replaced by a high pitched “Yeeeeeow” after every song, getting laughs from both the fans and the band alike.

The pace slowed down a little during this portion of the set, with Spencer Chamberlain addressing the crowd far more than in the previous stretch of songs and  filling gaps with sporadic instrumental breaks, probably thankfully to the band and the crowd alike as Define the Great Line was a much more intense line up of songs and without a doubt far more energy was being expended by both sides of the barricade.


All in all the mix, the impressive but not overwhelming light show and Underoath’s energetic performance was nothing short of a perfect recipe for the much anticipated show. Alongside Spencer Chamberlain’s and Aaron Gillespie’s flawless delivery of their trademark alternating vocal parts, the whole experience perfectly carried the crowd into the realm of teen-aged nostalgia the fans undoubtedly came for.

Review by Evan Richardson

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