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Sam Setton has released a Cracker of a single, check it out here!

“A catchy song that many would relate to if they loved their hometown. The opposite of punk rock bands! Sam is one talented guy.” Music Injection Australia

Sam Setton is an NYC born & raised singer/songwriter, who creates moody electro-pop music. Reminiscent of HONNE and Majid Jordan, Sam provides raw, sensual vocals over warm electronic-infused production. 

Although Sam began writing and recording music in his early-teenage years, a music career was born only recently, after experimenting with new sounds and penning a song to gain the attention of an ex-girlfriend. 

Since the success of his first single ‘Berlin’, Sam has been working on his debut EP, ‘Renegade’, set to release in the coming months. 

Sam said “‘My City’ is a an emotional track I wrote about my ongoing love affair with my hometown, NYC. On ‘My City’ I take the listener along with me on a subway ride home, in which I’m reflecting on my time spent in NYC, and combat thoughts of leaving. I hope anyone with a sense of pride about where they are from, or currently reside, can relate to this.”

With Sam’s signature “moody” pop sound, ‘My City’ is a modern anthem for anyone who has a strong connection to their hometown. 


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