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Jen chats to Hurricane Fall about their new single ‘How we get Down’ and much more!

There’s a hot wind blowing: the kind of gale that lays a field of cane down flat against the earth, whips the roadside paperbarks into a frenzy, and buffets the windows of a solitary Landcruiser sailing down a moonlit red dirt track. It’s the kind of wind that heralds the arrival of a ferocious summer storm, and at the eye of the storm is Hurricane Fall.

 Tamworth-born-and-raised and now based in Newcastle, Hurricane Fall is comprised of Jesse Vee (lead vocals & guitar), Pepper Deroy (lead vocals & bass), Jimmy Hick (lead guitarist) and Lachlan ‘Dusty’ Coffey (skins & percussion).

 Hurricane Fall confirmed their arrival onto the music scene last year with the release of their debut self titled EP, which peaked at No.2 on the Itunes Country Music Chart – the bands success was immediate!

 Driving home their rock edge country sound, Hurricane Fall now release their new single ‘How We Get Down’, which was recorded at Spinlight Studio’s in Newcastle, and produced by the band.  This is the lead single from their second studio EP also titled ‘How We Get Down’ (out now), which debuted at No.4 on the Itunes Country Chart.  Pepper Deroy says “We wanted to write a song that was about life on the road with your mates, playing music and having fun. Sometimes it feels like a dream, which is what we’ve tried to portray in our clip.  Life on the road can be tough at times but having fans respond to our music makes it all worth it! 

 The single has been brought to life with the film clip , which was shot at Stockton Beach in NSW and produced by Gravity Films.  Launching the clip on their Facebook page sent music fans clicking, with the video already amassing over 26,000 views and counting! 

Regulars on the touring circuit, the band have performed at many festivals including Gympie Music Muster, Tamworth Country Music Festival, The Mountain Cattleman Festival and Hats off To Country.  Hurricane Fall have also been confirmed to perform at this years ‘Rock The Boat’ cruise, sharing the line up with artists including Angry Anderson, Jon Stevens, Status Quo, Mark Gable, Jack Jones and the Baby Animals. 

Hey there! Thanks for your time. You guys are newcomers to the music scene but quickly became a force to be reckoned with, releasing two EP’s in the space of a year it seems.

We just love writing and recording music and are stoked that people are supporting and digging our music.  We have so much material that doesn’t even hit the studio – we would love to release if we had the time.

Were you taken back with your initial immediate success? I mean all artist’s dream of success with their debut music, your EP reaching No.2 on the Country Music Chart

We were blown away by the support of our listeners. It’s great that our tunes are appreciated by our friend and fans. Music is our thing so it’s very rewarding.

Has reaching No.2 motivated you to top that with your new EP ‘How we get Down’ I mean it would motivated me for sure!

We are always striving to do better. We would love to see the new EP have as much or more success.

So far so good with the EP, debuting at No. 4 is a great start!

We are really happy with the response so far. We cant wait to tour it across the country! We have a stack of new material we trial at every gig.

Totally in love with your Combi van!. It is so cool.  Really enjoyed your video, who came up with the concept?

A good friend of ours Tom from Gravity films came to us with an idea. We sat down and planned out the dream! We were pretty proud of the outcome!  But yeah, we are going to “borrow that combi for a year or so”, HA!

HowWeGetDown EP & Single cover low res

There must be a funny story that happened during you shooting this, can you share one?

The girls got pretty involved in their roles and pretty sure some pent up anger was directed our way, HA! The troopie got bogged three times and yeah, we are still cleaning sand from orifices …

Yuk! haha. It does portray life on the road with your mates, sleeping in the car etc. How does you band handle the travelling? I assume that you are all good mates and never have any issues with each other…… haha

If the walls of the e could talk, we would have to burn that beast. But she would never talk because what goes on the road……

One of my dreams is to attend a ‘Rock the Boat’ cruise and you guys are playing this year! How stocked are you to be on the bill for that?

We can’t wait! Playing alongside some awesome bands, we feel very humbled to be involved. We have sea sick pills, we are going to lock our phones for 8 days and let the ocean have its way with us. YEE HAW!

In a couple of days you are playing at Grape Fest, can you tell us a little about this festival?

Fun run + Wine + Music = Good time for all! It’s a unique event that everyone should be involved in!

Cool album cover pic,where was that taken?

That pic was taken at Merewether Beach Newcastle. Its one of our local surfing spots! We just love hitting the beach!

How many times was the pic a fail due to the whole balancing act? I tried a photo shoot like that and it was a disaster!

Believe it or not, it was the first take, what a fluke!! Winnng!!

Seriously! that is a fluke! Your tour bus, did I hear it correctly that you call it the Beer Bus?

Ha! No, its that Hurricane Fall Troopie! And yes, she is the beer bus for sure!

I just watched the  video on facebook of you guys in the tour bus and now I feel like chicken nuggets! At 7 in the morning…. Thanks for that!

Nugget are our Fav!!!! We refer to them as Protein bites!

I have seen many images of you playing live and after the lowdown on you guys from Jules it seems that I must see you live! Can you sum up in 6 words what your live shows are like?

Energetic, fun, sweaty, Engaging Harmonistically juicy.

Thanks guys, I enjoyed researching you and now have added you to my fav playlist. I wihs you all the best for 2017 and hope to see you on tour,


Fans will get to hear Hurricane Fall’s new single ‘How We Get Down’, by heading along to one of their below shows:

 Upcoming Shows:

Saturday 1st April | Coffs Harbour Rodeo, Coffs Harbour – NSW

Friday 28th April l Albert Hotel, Tamworth – NSW

Friday 5th May | Glasshouse After Dark Black Tie Food festival, Goonoo Goonoo Station, Tamworth  – NSW

Saturday 6th May | Grapest 5KM –  Domaine de Binet, Hunter Valley, NSW

Sunday 7th May | Queens Wharf Brewery, Newcastle  – NSW

Friday 12th May | Albert Hotel, Tamworth – NSW

Saturday 13th May | Wicko Hotel, Islington – NSW

Friday 2nd June | Johnny Ringo’s, Brisbane – QLD

Saturday 3rd June | Grape Fest 2017 | Gold Coast – QLD

Friday 10th August | Mt Isa Rodeo, Mt Isa – QLD

Sunday 12th August  | Central Coast Country Music Festival – Memorial Park, The Entrance NSW

October 16 – 23rd | “Rock The Boat” Cruise



Buy EP ‘How We Get Down’ here | |




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