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Black Stone Cherry Melbourne Gig Review

The lights are dimmed low and this young and short reviewer starts to feel quite heavily out of place as the room is full of tatted up women and long bearded men who are ready to rock. Sydney blues/funk band Chase The Sun captivate every single person in the room through their funk-filled, high-energy set. 

Lead singer Jan Rynsaadt is a spit-fire vocalist, literally, spit flies across the room almost with every word he speaks like a dragon breathing fire, an unfortunate time to be front row and a little distracting. Despite this, the sound coming out of these local Aussie rockers is a perfect fusion of blues and funk with a little hard rock. They have a new take on a typical pub band with perfectly executed guitar solos and deeply soulful bass lines. 

The room starts to smell more alcohol induced and there are double the amount of people than before as silhouette figures of Black Stone Cherry appear on stage. 

Having just released their fifth album, Kentucky, the US rockers are no strangers to the touring circuit, and demonstrate their ability to pump up and really rock a room. Guitarist Ben Wells and bassist Jon Lawhon had infinite energy, running and jumping around from start to finish, somehow seeming to cover every square centimetre of the relatively small stage. 

Perfectly executing old style blues crossed with modern day rock’n’roll, Black Stone Cherry’s forceful guitar riffs along with singer Chris Robertson’s textured vocals keep everyone pumping their fists, raising their glasses and banging their heads with complete euphoria. The vibes in this venue are that of strong appreciation, and you can feel the sense of community and belonging. 

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These guys are are seasoned performers, captivating and engaging the whole room for their entire set from having the crowd scream S-O-U-L during Soul Machine and absolutely nailing a cover of Bad To The Bone (George Thorogood and the Destroyers) Black Stone Cherry are that dad rock band that’s actually pretty damn cool. 

Review written by Emily Blackburn

Images by Elizabeth Kent

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