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In Hearts Wake’s new album “Ark” is out now, on tour in July

“Lives and breathes with an ebb and flow of bold melodies and purposeful lyrics.” – The Brag 4.5/5

“In Hearts Wake settle in with a series of dense, quality tracks.” – The Music 4/5

“Ark ensures long time fans will still hold strong to the ship.” – Hysteria Mag

“When the band ignites their impact is felt like a flood from an uncontrollable tidal surge.” – Heavy Magazine

“Ark is a winner.” – Metal Obsession


Byron Bay’s In Hearts Wake have released brand new album Ark today! Ark pays homage to the past as much as it signals a bright new future for conscious heavy music, with the band partnering up with Tangaroa Blue for We Are Waterborne: An In Hearts Wake Initiative to lead a series of clean-ups with their fans along some of the most polluted waterways around Australia – the first one taking place in Melbourne today. 

Earlier this week, In Hearts Wake revealed “Waterborne” the track that inspired the initiative. “We are overwhelmed by the amount of people who have already signed up to help us clean some of Australia’s most polluted waterways,” says frontman Jake Taylor. “If this goes well, we’d like to take it around the world.” 

Ark is both a dynamic breath of fresh air for the metalcore genre as a whole and a treatise on one of the world’s great impending issues. Today, in some parts of the world, water is already more expensive than oil, a trend that is spreading. In Hearts Wake – comprising frontman Jake Taylor, guitarists Ben Nairne and Eaven Dall, bassist Kyle Erich and drummer Conor Ward – are bringing this distressing issue to the world’s attention.
in-hearts-wake-02“No matter what side of the world we live on, water connects us all,” says Jake. “Every living thing, and every human being that ever was or will be, is born of water. The plasma in our blood is 92% water, our brains 75%, and even our bones are 30% water. The same water that shapes our Earth is the same water within each of us.
“This record is an ode to the Ark, that is our ocean planet. Just like a ship, if one part is compromised, all life is threatened. What happens on one side of the world affects the other. If we don’t work together to repair our home and restore the integrity of its natural resources, we will all go down with the ship. Since water is our lifeblood, it needs to be respected, protected, and acknowledged not only as a basic human right, but as an essential human need.”

Ark is available now via 24Hundred and iTunes and all digital services.

For complete tour and ticketing information, visit:

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