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Steel Panther, the Greatest Band in the World. Don’t believe it? Just ask them!

Much like every single video Steel Panther releases and the disclaimer they make at the beginning of their show, if you are easily offended, stop reading and move on. You have been warned.

When Steel Panther was formed, it was the birth of Raunch and Roll, and it is treating them very well. With over 610,000 likes on Facebook, This band isn’t about to get politically correct, and certainly aren’t afraid, as their new album says, to “Lower the Bar”.

They have more than just the personas going for them. The four members of Steel Panther are as charming as they are sexist, at least on stage. Michael Starr, lead vocalist and the one “voted most likely to sleep with your wife or girlfriend”, as they tell the crowd has the pipes to rival any Metal or Glam Rock vocalist. Stachel, on guitar plays with a passion that many newer, and obviously younger, bands lack entirely. His licks both up the fret board AND up the side of the guitar are clean and melodic. Lexxi Foxx, who possess a glorious set of full lips and an unlimited supply of lip gloss, has not only they heart of the audience but the ability to smack that bass like a tight behind. On drums, what more can you say about a man named Stix Zadindia other than he never stops banging and banging well.

Underneath all of it though is the uncanny ability to take an unsuspecting audience from “”What the hell” to “What a Show”. Honestly, they have recruited me into the band of temporarily politically incorrect fans singing back ‘but my cock is community property”.  That takes, not only musical talent, but the ability to engage with an audience in a way many can’t. They create a bond with their fans through their onstage “arguments” and the random, and sometimes partially naked  women who volunteer to dance on stage. In the politically correct world, their parody of 80’s glam bands and their sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle seems to be going strong. The chemistry in the band is palatable. Not to mention, these guys, as we say in the south, are pretty darn easy on the eyes.

Having seen them perform at both Chicago Open Air and Loud In Lima within a week, I can say, they bring a great show whether it be day or night. The energy is different from the crowd, but the band’s energy is always strong. As always, a good time was had by all.

Their latest offering, Lower the Bar, is a perfect title. Songs such as “That’s When You Came In” and “Wasted Too Much” certainly live to up (maybe down) to their reputation.  Defiantly worth listening and watching. In fact, tour dates were just announced with Stone Sour for the end of summer and fall in support of the album. The Sexiest man in rock and roll paired with the sleaziest, makes for a very good night! Be on the lookout for some surprises from this band.

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