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Jen chats to Tempus Sun about their self titled debut EP.


Newcomers and last year’s Melbourne Music Bank winners, Tempus Sun have today announced their captivating folk pop single Gold alongside a fittingly heartwarming video directed by Andrew Kose and Edwin Tedjokusumo (Eskimo Joe).  Gold follows the group’s first offering Owls, and precedes their self-titled debut EP that is set to drop August 25.  To celebrate, Tempus Sun will be hitting the road to play The Milk Factory (Bris) on August 25, Brighton Up Bar (Syd) on August 26 and The Evelyn Hotel on September 1.

Tempus Sun is Andrew Wortes, Rya Park, Grant Hardisty, Ed Borromeo, Sean Close and Liam Purser.

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Hi guys, congrats on your EP release! Sounding fantastic. You are playing three shows, One in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Which I am sure will be packed after Poose’s promo solo drum thing… not sure what it was actually. Haha. Are you planning on making that a tradition? That would be pretty funny!

He’s a rare beast, but my goodness can he command a drum kit!!! We haven’t developed a tradition or a mantra of sorts yet for anything, some bands have some super funny or random ones so it’s definitely an area we need to take seriously!!! But no I don’t think that will be our tradition.

What was Brisbane’s show like? How did they receive the new EP?

I love to hear a song that warms the heart and puts me in a good mood. This is certainly the case for ‘Gold’.  I think anyone that has been in love can relate.

Brisbane was awesome! The crowd was great and the reception was awesome for the EP tracks and the ones not on there too. Gold for me personally is good quality cheese, melting. Oozing, warm and cozy and just rich, but yes the feedback on relating is very common which is what its all about.

In addition the venue was great, Parma’s were had and the show felt really natural and fun. Our support act “The counterfeit Umbrella’s” shocked us beyond belief in the best possible way. This isn’t just praise for affiliates, these guys are astoundingly good musically and great people too.

I can imagine this song could be scored in a movie. Could you see that?

Surely a horror film though. Needs to be a gory murder scene with positive music playing at the same time just to be ‘Tarantino’ messed up. I love the gold film clip don’t get me wrong but perhaps we should of played with the above idea?


The music video suits the song so well! All the couples are so cute together. Who came up with the casting of this? Great job.

A few were set on a girl and guy travelling and undertaking tasks or activities together to get that timelessness feeling in a relationship, but it wasn’t a great idea doing a solo male and female again as it was done in the Owls film clip already. So the idea of having an array of people that has varying relationships felt right and actually stronger anyway. Siblings, pets, elderly, friends and couples all made up the mix and we couldn’t be happier with the result. The cast was all friends and family.

Was it a lot of fun shooting that?

It really was. Locations were fun and everyone involved loved it, cruising around all over the place was just great. The party scene after shooting turned into an actual party, which was mental and the live footage was from our single launch at ‘the Toff’, which of course was a blinder.

Going back to your earlier release in June, ‘Owls’, what was the reason for releasing that song first?

It’s certainly the strongest particularly live. None of the EP tracks come remotely close to the live sound either. But we were advised to go with that first so we did. It’s certainly a left of center tune for the current music happenings at the minute but its reception has been awesome its climbing everyday.

On the topic though one thing we’ve really struggled with is gauging from our audience is which songs are favorites, it is such an odd array of feedback. Owls creeps ahead of the rest slightly, but from the other 9-10 songs (live setting) vary heavily in terms of people expressing their favorite song(s), the spread is so even across all songs. Not sure if it’s a good thing or bad thing, but with more material en rout I’m not looking forward to the culling process.

I think I like ‘Crash’ off the EP. Funny I should type that as ‘Owls’ has come back on and I changed my mind! Crazy! I guess different songs for different minds. Now if I can’t decide which one is my fav, you will be the same. Can you pick the song that is the best to play live and tell me live?

Again like the above it changes from person to person and gig to gig. Live they are all so much better as well but I think the two that stand out (other than Owls) is probably ‘Dragon’ or a tune that’s not on the EP called “Stopp” which we always close with. Dragon is a powerhouse like owls starts off small, finishes hard and is rammed with emotion. “Stopp” is a dirty, sleazy, feel good, energetic ball of ‘get fucked’ to an ex girlfriend that’s a real ‘rock n roll tune’ and definitely makes you move the most of all our tunes.

There seems to be many of you in the band. Have there ever been venues where it has been impossible to all fit?

Sydney just recently was probably the tightest, 6 members plus Grant’s 398 key keyboard takes up the first 40% of any stage, but he’s the backbone of the crew so it’s ok. Big stage we love our space, little stage we get to be intimate with each other haha. We were did struggle was the van we hired in Brisbane, we got in with all our gear, but it wasn’t very legal.

Any funny stories like some sort of accident due to small stages? I love a good tripping or clashing story. As long as everyone ended up OK!

There’s only one real accident that stands out from memory, no pain involved though.

When we were a five piece and we had a gig coming up Andrew was away for his 21st up in rural New South, so we needed a singer. Enter Rya. She came and sang for us and dominated, but upon Andrew returning for the next show she rocked up to the next gig thinking she needed to sing as the front (wo)man!!! How the miss-com happened we didn’t really know but it was chill. So grant jumped up like the little girl off the ‘Old El Paso’ soft taco/hard taco ad and said “why don’t we have both”. So we did and they both sang. It birthed our unison vocals from the two lead singers that we love and now is at our core.

You won the Bank of Melbourne Music Award last year. Can you tell us how that made it possible for your band to reach this stage?

Huuuuugggggeeee fast track to where we are now. The team involved has been awesome; its one thing to do all these wonderful, amazing and challenging things but to go away and learn out to do them properly usually takes years and is done on the fly, usually with trial and era too. We obviously have a lifetime of learning a head of us but to start a project like this and to have the team an email away all the time with answers to any questions on the industry is huge for us and been the most beneficial thing

Your EP cover is amazing. Love the colors, is there anything particular other than the sun that is represented in this? I look closely at it but could not find anything. Sometimes I miss things,268x0w

Initially we were thinking that anything on the artwork in the shape of a circle people would connect the dots that it’s a sun of some sort, so ideas were many. The colour scheme circle is obviously painted; the other idea was to be a single circular paintbrush stroke kind of like Japanese calligraphy with the same colour scheme.

From that idea just explained an additional idea was to have strokes going downwards as well to be a sun and dream catcher fusion of sorts. But simple really is key, particularly with an odd name. so we kept it simple and we were really happy with how clean and crisp the design we have is so we went with it.

tsHow was your visit to 774 ABC? You looked pretty happy in the photo, what were you doing there?

The lads had the security guards in stitches as they were belting out tunes in the toilets before going to air, the two security guards and myself could hear them from the massive cathedral like foyer and it was just so funny and akward. We had a sweet interview and played ‘Gold’ live acoustically for the first time, and the radio edit version for the first time too, so there was a few nerves but was smooth sailing in the end.



In 6 words can you explain what your EP is like to entice music lovers to get out and come and see you?

Energetic Harmonious Uplifting Luscious Powerful

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Continued from above

Gold is a seriously accurate name for this poignant track.  Following an expressive piano intro that showcases Rya Park’s exquisite vocal,  Gold swoops into gear, evocative of influences such as Mumford & Sons and Kita Alexander.  Euphoric and vibrant, percussive elements drive the folky arrangement and precise vocal harmonies propel the choruses into the atmosphere.  Tempus Sun’s keyboardist Grant Hardisty couldn’t be happier with the single, beaming, “The track is about exactly what the title suggests, moments of euphoria and bliss that just want to be relived again and again.  It’s remembering those unparalleled happy moments with that golden tinge of nostalgia that can make you forget all your worries and stresses in a hazy daydream.  It’s those summer nights that last with a sense of timelessness, a reflection upon a memory that you’d give anything to revisit, those times with friends that extend from a couple of hours to an entire day.  It’s also about love with a slightly bitter twist, but it’s equally about light, warmth and all things Gold.” 


The accompanying clip for Gold encapsulates the nostalgic vibe of the track through a retro lens; as though shot through an Instagram filter, the clip showcases some seriously cute candid moments between lovers, friends and families alike.  The sun is ever-present, happiness glows off the screen and in a world that’s often so hard to handle, the clip for Gold is a welcome reminder that there is still honest goodness to be found.  Grant reflects on the concept behind the clip, “Our overarching inspiration was pure joy and we wanted to capture a time we could escape to, and I think Gold can evoke those individual memories of times we all hold dear, be it of a lost loved one, an old flame or simply a time with your friends.  The film clip was absolutely about capturing raw and natural emotion, simple times in life that you wish could be bottled.  As Missy Higgins perfectly puts it, ‘seems those ordinary days are the ones that last’ –  and so we wanted to try to almost film people not acting, but simply living.”


The upcoming EP is full to bursting with standout songwriting, thoughtful, lush arrangements and stunning vocal harmonies.  Produced by Tom Larkin (Bodyjar, The Getaway Plan), Tempus Sun have managed to evoke their many influences – which include genres as far-reaching as classical, metal, and jazz-fusion – and funnel them into a concise, considered collection of folk-rock songs, many of which will remind the listener of early Boy & Bear and Mumford and Sons.  Thrilled with the result, Grant explains, “It was such a massive learning experience for us, going through the process of pre-production, production and post-production.  Recording at Studios in the City, we spent 6 solid days straight, building the layers from the ground up until they resembled – and then surpassed – our imaginings.  It’s a very hard thing putting your trust in another’s hands, especially when they are dealing with your baby.  In handing ourselves over to the professionals, it was hard to measure to what extend we should stick to our guns in some cases or take on their suggestions, but everyone made this process so welcoming.”


Well-deserved winners of 2016’s Melbourne Music Bank competition, Tempus Sun have gratefully reaped the rewards which have enabled them to propel their careers forward like they never could have imagined.  Out of hundreds of entries and thousands of public votes, the group took out the top prize which included the EP recording and mixing process, press photos, publicity, radio plugging and much more.  Grant enthuses, “Winning Bank of Melbourne’s Melbourne Music Bank was the most exhilarating experience of my life.  We entered it on a whim, with an optimistic ‘why not?’ attitude, but we never honestly considered that we’d be a shot.  I remember the call so vividly… I had to leave class to answer and hear the ridiculous news that we had made the Top 12!”

 Set to wow audiences with their impressive live show all the way up the east coast, tickets to the TEMPUS SUN tour are available now.







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