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Lo! release another stunning music video—watch “Locust Christ” now

Australia’s post-metal/sludge legends, Lo! will release their third full length album, Vestigial on October 6 via Pelagic Records.

Their video for Orca taken from their 2015 EP The Tongueless, showed a truly outstanding and innovative approach to visual arts in heavy music.

Now the band release another cinematic music video, this time for the the track Locust Christ.

The video was shot in one day in Sydney and directed and produced by Lo! bass player Adrian Shapiro with a small crew including member of Oscar winning company Odd Studio who created the disturbing prosthetics. Odd recently won an oscar for Mad Max Fury Road.

Adrian says: “I set myself some rules for the shoot including that I wanted to shoot everything from the back of the car to increase the claustrophobia and be purely focussed on the couple. We had minimal camera position changes and I wanted to do as much of the effects work in camera so basically what you’re seeing is what we’ve shot with a bit of tidy up. I also chose to shoot it in the day as I felt that it made the whole reveal even stranger. 

The song is unrelenting and I liked the juxtaposition of the regular couple driving their car and then seeing their primal transition starting with a kiss and finally merging together by the end of the clip in the same car.”

The songs comprising Vestigial are truly next level. Well-crafted with a larger scope both musically and thematically than previous outings the band is simply tighter than ever before boasting a sound that’s seismically heavy yet organic with a mammoth harmonic density behind their stupefying heavy riffs.

Lo! are:
Carl Whitbread, Sam Dillon, Adrian Griffin, Adrian Shapiro

Fit for fans of Mastodon Cursed Cult Of Luna Converge Breach Black Breath and the like.


Vestigial Tracklist
1. Hall Of Extinct Mammals
2. As Fools Ripen
3. Glutton
4. Locust Christ
5. Butcher Birds
6. Bombardier
7. A Tiger Moth’s Shadow
8. Judas Steer
9. Bestial Beginnings
10. The Worms Lament
11. Gods Of Ruin

Pre-order bundles for Vestigial are available now at


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