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Sebastian Bach and Jen have a VERY interesting chat!

I got the chance to interview Sebastian Bach so I took advantage and tried to make the most of my allotted time. We were meant to talk about the tour and we did in between discussions of many many topics, from Politics, to Stiletto Heels to SSM and making Grass legal. I can’t believe that we got though some much. I usually put when I and the artist are laughing but I am not this time as it was nearly all the time.  I hope that you enjoy reading this and learning more about the man himself Sebastian Bach. 


Hi Sebastian. It is great to hear that you are heading our way again. A review from a previous tour says  “Bach doesn’t just sing; Bach howls, Bach yells, Bach shouts, Bach growls, Bach screams, Bach roars, all of it with the utmost conviction.” – Spotlight Report (Metro Theatre 2015 Review)

 That is an awesome review! can we expect the same energy and conviction this tour?

Well I won’t promise you that I will be howling!


You know that I have played Australia many times and I think I might do something really different. In my recent tours here I have rearranged the set and not gone out full blastoff the first song, I kinda of warm up and the rock fans that have been with me since the Skid Row times, we are all getting older now and I don’t know about you but I can only take so much volume. At concerts and heavy metal shows, I can only take so volume. I used to crank the music as loud as it goes. Now when I do a show I like to start out with the tunes that are not too loud and concentrate on the vocals and once that I have warmed up then I once I have done that then I put the hammer down.So I rearrange my set now like that and I will probably do that in Australia.

Well I agree that we are all getting older.

I think it is more about the singing that anything else, as a teenagers I was racing around as fast as I could from side to side and I don’t look at it like that anymore. I really know that number one, the people are coming to hear the songs and coming to hear me sing and coming to hear the music that they love. That is why I am always on tour!

Yes it is.

One of my biggest influences was David Lee Roth right. He used to jump of the drum riser and fly like 30 feet in the air. I wanted to be like him. I will never be him. I am 6 foot 4, he is 5 foot 8 or something, I am a big man, I am not jumping of a drum riser. As much as I love David Lee Roth, there is only one David Lee Roth.

 You come down here quiet often, can you explain why you keep coming back? Other than best country in the world of course!

The easiest answer for that is that Sydney is sold out and it is almost two weeks before the show and Melbourne is close to being sold out and I also think there is a camaraderie between myself and Australia and it might be that I grew up in Canada. There are a lot of similarities between Canada and Australia, both  are English people. The way Australia’s culture is influenced by England so is Canada, there are a lot of the same street signs, a lot of the same foods that you guys eat. Like there is a Hyde Park is my town too. It just feels very familiar. You guys have way better weather. You guys love partying and rock ’n’ roll and that’s what I love to!

Your sense of humor is the same as Australian’s too.

Yeah, it is such a crazy time that we are living in.  I can’t wrap my head around the gun laws here in America and I will tweet something like why don’t we do what Australia did which is ban assault weapons and it works for them. in Canada you can’t just go and buy a gun like the US and I can really relate to you guys by being outraged and also climate change too,  it is disgusting what’s happening right now and it is hard not to be so angry.

Definitely. The only thing that we can’t relate on is same-sex marriage. I am embarrassed to be an Australian at the moment.

Why what happened?

We are having a postal survey to see if the population want same-sex marriage. other countries like you guys I think you have had it for about 15 years.

What you don’t have that there?

No not yet, That is why I are embarrassed.

Wow I did not know that!

Even the result of that does not mean that it will be allowed. Anyway I could talk to you about that all day but we better get back to the interview!

Wait, are you guys going to legalize weed?

Well not yet.

(We then had a chat about that and I tried again to get back on track.)

I read on Facebook a comment from a fan

 It’s going to be epic. This post is a ray of light for me in the middle of a very dark storm. #bymyside

How does this make you feel to have such an impact on fans lives?

I am very honored. I think there are so many rock stars and musicians that have died in the last couple of years. I think people are saying I better go and see that guy. I really feel that. When I walk on stage the fans look at me and think he is really here and they are also happy. I think it has been because I have been in their lives for almost 30 years now and so when you’re in somebody’s life for that long you definitely feel attached to them.  I listened to the Allman Bros for so long. I never knew Greg but when he died I wept. I didn’t even know this guy! He was just part of my life and I listened to him countless times.  I can’t imagine when the four founding members of Kiss goes because that is going to be sad sad for rock fans. That is going to be a rough day.

Yeah it will be.

Ok back to the tour. Is this a tour where you will fly in and out quickly or will you have some time to relax and see our sites?

We have three days off on this tour at the Gold Coast. That would be good. I’m also looking forward to going to the vinyl record stores.

Yes! I love doing that. I often do that with my daughter. You never know what treasures you could find.

Yeah, you never now.

I was going to ask about Singapore, I saw that it will be the first time ever doing a show there. I was surprised at that and thought are there any other countries that are on your bucket list to tour?

I have never played in Africa, like Johannesburg. I was booked to play there with Kings Chaos but then I got offered a TV show so I couldn’t do that show. I have never played in Antarctica, I think Metallica played there.

Yeah they wanted to do it …….. so they did!

You are a man of many many different talents and you are not afraid to do something new. Your book ‘18 and Life on Skid Row’ is one example. I read a review on your book that did say many positive things about your book however one comment stood out. It was that you were not afraid to share stories that we would not think of being in a Rock Star biography, like what you were doing on 9/11 and talking to your dad on his death bed and it was a reminder that even the biggest of Rock stars are just as human as the rest of us.

Thank you for saying that and they approached me to do this book and they had all sorts of ideas for me like it was going to be a big hair rock star 80s kind of book and I told the book company that if you write anything like that I will not participate in this. They say come on it will be fun. I wanted to write a real book. I didn’t want to write about hair or spandex, I’m in my book has the 80s in there. The interesting point was  how does our somebody come a rockstar? To people who have normal lives how do we do that? So that story is interesting and I described how it happened that I became famous and I think that anyone could be interested in that.

download 1I guess variety is the spice of life and I read that you said that depending on where you were in the world people would recognize you for the many different things that you have done. Gilmore Girls for example.

You look at in this way,

“I just consider myself lucky that I can do different things.”

Which is a great attitude to have. I really do like that what I have read about you today, all your quotes and thoughts are positive. Is it hard to maintain positivity in a world that is filled with hate, terrorism, bigotry, racism, the list could go on and on and on?

Well, the Internet, as when we invented the internet, we are not sure how we’re going to be affected by that technology until we actually live with it. in the last year or so I have discovered that one of the greatest feelings that I can feel is that I can wake up and turn my phone off! I didn’t do that since these phones are being invented. It is almost like the same feeling that you get when you go to the record store and you are digging for albums. Turning your phone off and not refreshing the latest shittiest news headline or commenting or say this about this person. Turning it off is a glorious feeling!  I think that celebrities are off the Internet now like Axel Rose, the biggest selling musician has no social media whatsoever, nothing!  The Internet is a very negative, it is pretty much all negative there is very little positive stuff on there. You ask is it hard to maintain positivity and the answer is yes definitely!

I have been staying off Facebook a little bit and just using the messenger because people being negative all the time gets annoying.

Well since Donald Trump became president Facebook became not fun for me. Every headline sucks, everything sucks and I get to the point where I can’t take it!

Our Satire comedy groups make a whole lot of fun of Donald Trump but the sad reality is that it is true.

All of that news constantly day after day, week after week, it gets me down and it gets me in a bad mood and I don’t know about everybody else but when I read about nuclear war I find it hard to get on with my day. I thought we got rid of that nuclear war conversation in the 70’s! It gets very sad and angry at the same time.  Climate change makes me angry, it makes me mad that people denied that when the world is fucked it makes me furious!!!!

OMG yes! (We then exchanged more views then I directed our conversation back to the interview)

A friend of mine has a question for you, she loved your cover of Lady Gaga and Willie Nelson for a reality TV show, have you thought of incorporating some covers like this in your show? It would be hilarious. I must say I got side tracked watching the funny videos!

I think that there is a better chance of me doing Willie Nelson song than the Lady Gaga songs. I did like that Lady Gaga song.

You put a lot of effort into that, it was really good!

Well I really liked the part when the music stops and I had to keep that high scream and I totally nailed it. So that was really fun.  I wanted to wear stilettos heels during that because I think back to the first motley crew record where Mick Mars is wearing stiletto boots so I have not yet done that. So I found out that it is impossible to wear stiletto heels, I mean how you do it?

Don’t ask me! I have never worn them.

I found that when you had to put your weight on your toes I decided to wear some other boots.

If you were wearing stilettos how would you actually get through the door?

Yeah I was really tall when I really really want to wear them! I did in the sound check but I could not but I could just not walk in them.

We had to end the interview there as we ran out of time. I really enjoyed our chat! I can only imagine what we would have talked about next! 

Watch the fun video of Sebastian being Lady Gaga !


Sebastian Bach TOUR DATES

Saturday 21st October – Perth – Astor Theatre

Sunday 22nd October – Adelaide – The Gov

Thursday 26th October – Brisbane – The Tivoli

Friday 27th October – Sydney – Manning Bar – SOLD OUT

Saturday 28th October – Melbourne – Forum Theatre


Forum + Manning Presale Wednesday 24th May 12pm

General Pre-Sale Thursday 25th 9am local
On-Sale Friday 26th 9am local


VIP Meet & Greet Upgrades available here


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