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Make America Rock Again review by Belinda (Orlando, Florida)

Photos by Belinda Glass Reedy

Despite Irma’s best try to cancel the Florida shows, Make America Rock Again, featuring Scott Stapp plays for a hurricane weary but enthusiastic crowd in Orlando, Florida.

When Hurricane Irma ripped through nearly the entire state of Florida, many tour stops were sent into chaos. Least of which was Make American Rock again. Those who had purchased tickets for the Clearwater Florida and Jacksonville shows would soon learn because of extensive damage and power outages those shows were cancelled. Tickets were to be honored for the Orlando show and anyone wishing to make the journey could redeem their tickets.

At first, I will admit, I wasn’t fond of the notion that in the middle of huge gas lines and uncertainty, not cancelling or postponing wouldn’t have been a better choice. After attending, I changed my mind. This respite and escape from the day to day recovery was needed and the bands’ don’t give up attitude did much to lift the spirit for many of us who were caught up in a nightmare of epic proportions.

Frankly, all the bands, including Adelita’s Way put on great performances. Rick, who is constantly interacting with the crowd, jokingly told the pizza vendor some fans needed a pizza. Within minutes he had one and gave it to the exuberant fan. I doubt the box will go to recycling. Sick Puppies were spectacular as always. Emma seems to have taken to singing much more backing vocals, and honestly, I can stand to hear even more.  Drowning Pool was, terrific and a crowd motivator as well.

The highlight for me was unexpectly brilliant. Let it be said that in a pool of mediocrity and older musician getting on tour when they are way past their prime for numerous reasons, Scott Stapp can and is holding and owning his spot, as his legendary status is still building. The sound man’s few slip ups not withstanding, at one point it appeared Mr. Stapp restarted a song because the mic was dead, his voice is impeccable, and virtually unchanged from his original work. What a treat.

With the low price point on this tour, it is a must see and a great value for the talent presented. Find the tour dates and ticket options at the website.  There are also some reasonably affordable VIP packages available onsite through the various band’s merchandise booth’s to round out the evening.


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