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Lukka releases a new single ‘Tin Can’ merging all of her influences.

Take a listen to this perfectly gritty tune. ‘Tin Can’ is unique in many ways although his influences shine through. Expect huge things from Lukka in the future!

Lukka is a charismatic and direct artist based in New York City. Her music has always been an exciting crossroads, where various influences would converge in a very special way. Whether she finds inspiration in the stunning harmonies of the 60s or alternative rock edge of the 90s, her music is rather eclectic and hard to categorize. Lukka’s recent studio release is titled “Tin Can” – this track immediately strikes for the amazingly psychedelic artwork, really reflecting the tone of the music as a whole. The track makes me think of the work of artists such as Mac DeMarco or Tame Impala, although the sound is tied to the work of artists such as Paul McCartney or The Kinks, just to draw a few comparisons. In other words, Lukka set out to reaffirm her passion for great indie rock and for some genuine retro vibes. The song takes on a life of its own, with a diverse and unpredictable arrangement where great textures are essential. The production is perfectly gritty, with some saturation that adds a lot of character to the mix. Find out more through her webpage



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