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Like funky songs? Check out ‘Seethe’ from Mickey now!

Seriously. If you like Aussie Indie Rock, take a listen to ‘Seethe’ from Mickey.  Love!

New Single and Tour SEETHE from Mickey out October 6th Mickey is a Brisbane based indie rock musician with a blend of catchy pop vocals, wild guitars and eccentric songwriting. A genuine troubadour with a penchant for the peculiar, Mickey is about to embark on his second single tour for the year with his four piece band. With unpredictable vocals and undeniably funky guitars, warm driving bass and dynamic percussion, Mickey is set to brighten the nights of South East QLD on his upcoming ‘SEETHE’ tour. MICKEY is excited and proud to be releasing his second single release of the year SEETHE on October 6th via iTunes & Spotify with a Single Release Show with his four piece band at The Bloodhound Bar, October 6th.

Mickey is the longstanding brainchild of musician Mickey Van Wyk based in Brisbane, Australia and from its inception has grown, distinguishing himself as an exciting and unique new act as he leads his live band on stage.


SEETHE is a colourful Indie Rock Song with a catchy chorus that will find a spot in your head and stay comfortably for days. Sharp and funky guitars have replaced Mickey’s usual acoustic approach with a drum and bass combo inspired by the likes of funkadelic rhythm king Jamiroquai. The eccentric approach to vocals that Mickey delivers, proclaims the message of SEETHE in a taunting and frustrated tone.

The Message of SEETHE is a continuation. of the themes that were present in Mickeys’s debut single release ‘Clever Clones’. Mickey’s second single release SEETHE takes a darker look at who we are as individuals and the dangers that surround the wrong idea of individuality. The idea that individuality can be sold by is stated in the lyrics “Do you think you can enter looking like you do, thats not how they dress on the prairie”. Certain entities can present ideals that warrant us to feel like we need more than we are and we can purchase our sense of self, however individuality is to be found, not sold.

Frontman, troubadour and songwriter Mickey Van Wyk has been performing live as a four piece since January 2017 and has just wrapped up a successful tour of South East QLD to release the first single ‘Clever Clones’ and the accompanying music video, obtaining over 12 thousand views online.

SEETHE was produced, mixed and mastered at Serotonin Productions by local Gold Coast music champion Guy Cooper and Mickey Van Wyk. From humble beginnings as a songwriter in a room with a guitar and a pen, to performing in front of  live crowds, Mickey has a unique tone and persona that is shown in the art he creates and his music.



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