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Temporary Hero release a gem to raise money for Puerto Rico.

What a great idea! Raising money that goes to a Trump denying country. An awesome song with a great message. 

We’re Still Here (Aún Estamos Aquí) – A SONG FOR PUERTO RICO is worth listening to! Lyrics that target a heartless man.

Temporary Hero’s
newest single is “a benefit track recorded as a tribute to Puerto Rico and the USVI in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and Irma… and a direct response to the horrible insults thrown by the President of the USA to the people and government of Puerto Rico.”

Temporary Hero is an eclectic electro-pop producer and performer. Drawing from a vast pool of influences and a modern tool set, Temporary Hero is a seasoned producer bold enough to reach beyond the confines of the dance music genre

Temporary Hero is not one artist to just sit in one place, literally
or figuratively. For this album INDIGO, after a personal tragedy,
the artist traveled to St. Croix, US Virgin
Islands and found a way to reinvigorate his life. In doing so, he
found inspiration from the island and ocean as well as his inner
soul. The album was completely conjured through experiences on the
island (even the song Can I Kiss You Now? has a story to go along
with it… one that he refuses to share other than the song)… and
was written and recorded in both the towns of Christiansted and
Frederiksted on St. Croix. There are flourishes of island sounds
woven in some of the tracks… no overt pop/reggae songs (except for
the soundcloud only bonus track a cover of Blondie’s faux-reggae
song The Tide Is High… yet that song is done – on mandolin!)



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