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Proud to premiere Jaclyn Bradley Palmer’s enchanting video ‘Love the Bodies We Are In’.

‘Love the Bodies We Are In’ is not my usually my genre that I listen to. However the gentle vocals, harmonies and the amazing video that enhances the meaning all adds up to a video worth watching. Guaranteed to put you in a reflective mood. After the video has ended there is a sense of peace that lingers with a tinge of the feeling that everything is going to be ok. Take the journey with Jaclyn below.

20170317- Jaclyn-356-Edit

In the single shot of life, people bring with them both beauty and pain, eventually leading us to where we are meant to be.

We start here at the end of love. Two people in a car whose journey together has come to a stop.

A friend joins the broken one to travel alongside her awhile… to sing, to understand, to save.

Next, a literal and metaphorical clown brings laughter and fun – someone to pass the time… and make the heart hopeful again.

The woman smiles and finds both the guitar pick and clown nose left behind from the past, giving them one final look before throwing them to the wind.

She rides alone for awhile yet finally opens the door for a child and man who love her.

There is peace.



Directed by Willem Serné

More about Jaclyn…….

For Jaclyn Bradley Palmer, the merging of music and film is very important. Her last music video release, which confronted gun violence, was featured at the Orlando Film Festival. A resident of The Netherlands, the American singer-songwriter perviously resided of Los Angeles where she and her music was featured on Bravo, TLC, VH1, MTV, HGTV, Time Warner, and Bravo. Her original music has been heard on television shows such as The Rachel Zoe Project,Breaking Bonaduce, and House Hunters International, as well as the film The Hipsters starring Joan Rivers. Jaclyn holds a Master’s degree in Music from Colorado State University and a Bachelor’s degree in vocal performance from Indiana University where she studied opera. Now concentrating on writing and singing acoustic folk music, she has performed her compositions across the globe. She is also a published music therapist who conducted the largest music therapy study in history to use live music in the operating arena. She has recorded three albums and has a new EP being released in early 2018. Cleveland magazine (her hometown) named her one of the city’s most interesting people of 2016.

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