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Dreamer’s Crime “No Compromises” out now

BUY NOW – Bandcamp
BUY NOW – iTunes
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The first cut of their forthcoming debut album No Compromises is an epic piece of “new hard rock” that would totally slay on the soundtrack to WWE Summer Slam.” – Music Feeds

..will fill you with all sorts of emotions tugging at those heart strings to take you on a roller coaster ride..” – Silver Tiger Media

…reminds me of a combination of 30 Seconds To Mars’ stadium rock with A Day To Remember‘s melodic core vibe.” – Wall of Sound

No Compromises is an absolutely phenomenal album. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for future releases.” – Over-Drive Mag

Dreamers Crime have created an album that will be sure to captivate both the hearts and ears of those who hear it. Get used to seeing this bands name more and more, because what they’ve crafted with No Compromises is truly something special and exciting.” – Insert Review Here

If you love progressive rock and metal, No Compromises is for you. If you love melodic heavy music of any kin d in fact, No Compromises is also for you. If you love anthemic and catchy pop-rock, well…you guessed it. 10/10” – White Crow Review



For more information about Dreamers Crime, go to ‘No Compromises’ is available now at iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp and all online outlets on Friday November 17.






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