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Okay Mann release one of the best songs ‘In The End / i’ from the Indie Folk genre. Take a listen here!

In The End / i is super infectious. Recording in Analog adding to the quirkiness of the tune. I do love a song that takes me on journey with the lyrics that not only match the music but are totally relatable.  Keep an eye out for Okay Mann in the future!

Photo: Joey Visser


In The End / i is an energetic folk tune with an earworm melody. The track showcases Okay Mann’s ability to straddle the line between in invention and convention – the tune’s pop sensibility makes it instantly memorable, and the interesting analog production keeps the song fresh and unique. Listen for organic instrumentation, honest and relatable lyrics, and raw energy to spare.

There is something about tape that sticks with you. Okay Mann’s debut EP, Little Mersey tells the story of a man returning to the city that helped to shape him. Influenced by Scandinavian folksters The Tallest Man on Earth and Daniel Nordgren, Okay Mann teamed up with Norwegian producer Nils Børstrand to create a unique timepiece: a snapshot caught on magnetic tape of a city left behind.  The EP was recorded in early 2017 in Liverpool, UK. By combining modern recording technology with traditional analog tape methods, Okay Mann has created a sonically intriguing piece that’s as hard to place historically as it is sonically. 


Check them out on facebook here

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