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The Ocean to release “Precambrian” 10th Anniversary Edition March 18


Few albums still feel relevant, fresh and contemporary-sounding, 10 years after their original release.

THE OCEAN’s Precambrian, originally released in November 2007, is one such case: the band’s musically most mature and versatile album to that date, Precambrian is distinguished by complex yet intimate songwriting, huge orches- trations, subtle electronic textures and immense harmonic and dynamic density. With guests appearances by Caleb Scofield (CAVE IN, OLD MAN GLOOM), Nate Newton (CONVERGE), Tomas Hallbom (BREACH) Eric Kalsbeek (ex- TEXTURES) and musicians from the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Precambrian remains a career-defining milestone for the band, and still a fan’s favourite.

While THE OCEAN have been focusing on their latest album Pelagial on recent tours, the band will be kicking off a revisitation of Precambrian with a headline set atDOOM OVER LEIPZIG Festival on April 21, 2018, where they will be performing the album in its entirety — possibly even more than just a random anniversary celebration? “There is a gap between ‘Precambrian‘ and ‘Heliocentric‘, both conceptually and musically… and it’s a tempting idea to fill that gap with a new album, that would connect the two”, Robin Staps comments.

The 10th anniversary edition of Precambrian comes with a bonus track: a brand new studio re-recording of 10-minutes opener Rhyacian, featuring the current lineup with Loic Rossetti on vocals, Paul Seidel on drums and Mattias Hägerstrand on bass.

side A:
1.) Hadean / The Long March of the Yes-Men
2.) Eoarchaean / The Great Void
3.) Paleoarchaean / Man and the Sea

side B:
4.) Mesoarchaean / Legions of Winged Octopi
5.) Neoarchaean / To Burn the Duck of Doubt

side C:
1.) Siderian
2.) Rhyacian / Untimely Meditations
3.) Orosirian / For the Great Blue Cold Now Reigns

side D:
4.) Statherian
5.) Calymmian / Lake Disappointment

side E:
6.) Ectasian / De Profundis
7.) Stenian / Mount Sorrow

side F:
8.) Tonian / Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
9.) Cryogenian
10.) Rhyacian (2017 studio version) 

• 3 LPs in 3 different vinyl colour style
• gatefold with 9mm spine, diecut holes, special metallic inks, UV spot gloss varnish
• 3 printed inner sleeves, 2 inlay sheets
• download code


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