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Jen chats to Ghouls ahead of their Australian Tour in April.

GHOULS Join Forces with FOXBLOOD for the ‘No Better Place To Be’ Australian Tour this APRIL! UK Alt-Punk Rockers GHOULS are heading down under for their first Australian co-headline Tour, sharing the run will be Australia’s own FOXBLOOD. Both bands will travel the country for the ’No Better Place To Be’ Tour this April.The band has dropped a brand new single called ‘Internet Famous’. It presents a highly relevant theme to todays era and delivers a strong message. Frontman Benedict says “I took myself off social media this summer and honestly, it genuinely changed me; I have more time, better perspectives, less anxiety and less care for where I go and what I do… There is a place for it and it can be a useful tool but I would urge people to look up from their phones once in a while – there’s real beauty in physical conversations and real life activity.
The other half of this killer co-headline tour is explosive Australian Rock/Metal 5 piece from Melbourne, FOXBLOOD. Taking no time at all in making a name for themselves in the worldwide music scene. Since the release of their debut record ‘The Devil, The Dark & The Rain’ in late 2016, Foxblood have run through Australia 3 times, both on a headline and supporting Roadrunner Records’ Make Them Suffer & UNFD’s Buried In Verona. Foxblood will be a force to watch in 2018 if their latest highly accredited single “Bittersweet” has anything to say (which boy does it!).Joining the already extraordinary co-headliners Ghouls & Foxblood will be a selection of local supports in each city. Presented by Inhale Music Productions this is one tour this year you will want to be at!TOUR DATES – ‘No Better Place To Be’ TourThursday 5th – Last Night, PERTHFriday 6th April – Enigma Bar, ADELAIDESaturday 7th April – BANG!, MELBOURNETuesday 10th April – The Basement, CANBERRAThursday 12th April – Factory Floor, SYDNEYSaturday 14th April – New Globe Theatre, BRISBANE 
Jen had the chance to chat with the boys from Ghouls.
Hi guys! You must be stoked to be heading down here for a tour in April. Was this always a goal for you?
Maz: Yes! I think our goal has always been to get to as many places as possible! It’s definitely somewhere we never thought Music would take us. We actually fly out exactly 4 years to the day of our first album release which is pretty surreal. 
Have any of you been to Australia before?
All: No! This is a first time for all of us so it makes it all the more exciting! 
Do you know what to expect from Aussie crowds? Have you had warning? We are in fact the best and perhaps craziest crowds in the world!
Russ: We’ve seen a few Australian bands in the UK and they always get mega rowdy. 
Maz: We also got to hang out with some Aussie’s when we were last in America at FEST and they definitely PARTIED HARD. So we’re expecting good things – that’s if people are coming to see us! 


Foxblood support you on this tour, they have supported the likes of Dream on Dreamer and Buried in Verona and have a solid fan base here. How did they become the lucky Aussie band to tour with you?
Muss: Parkway Drive and AC/DC were both unavailable! 
Maz: The organisation for this tour has all been sorted through Inhale Music Promotions and they’ve done an absolutely Stella job on everything including getting the FOXBLOOD lads on board. We’re stoked to be headed out with a band who can show us how it’s done in Australia. 
Haha! Are you hoping that their local knowledge will help you with the must-see places and things to do here?
Maz: YES definitely. We want to do all the stereotypical things like see a kangaroo and koala bear. 
Benedict: A couple of us are gonna brace a jump in the ocean – even in the cold! 


Is there a bucket list already written up for the tour? Can you share some with us?
Benedict: I want to swim in one of the ocean pools – I’m big on getting in the water as you can tell. Also, as a keen runner, I’d like to enter a race out there on a day off to tick that off my personal list. 
Muss: I want an Aussie BBQ, maybe even on the beach! 
Maz: Try a fine selection of Australian beers, is XXXX actually a thing out there? 

 Yes, in Queensland mainly. Well is was, I assume it is still around. Tasmania makes Cascade that a lot of people like. Vic Bitter is pretty well known but I don’t like it. 


I really like that Benedict took himself off social media over the summer and this reduced anxiety and allowed more time for the real important things in my life. I am a fair bit older than you guys and I have cut back my social media usage, only using facebook now as a way of staying in touch with family and friends and of course to do research for band interviews. Anyway.. I am rambling. My question is …. How did this break influence the writing of ‘Internet Famous’?

Benedict: This is an awesome question. Yes, fully removed myself from Instagram particularly because it just plagued my mind. There’s a lot of rubbish on the internet and when you’re in a venerable state of mind, it’s not a great place to look for advice. It’s exactly what Internet is about – live life in real time. 


How does your writing process normally go or is there nothing normal about it? Haha
Benedict: Normally I’ll write the skeletal basis of a song and then send it to everyone. We then each add our bits and bring it together. Sometimes we pull it apart completely and it ends up nothing like the acoustic skeleton, some time not much changes. 


Is Spenny still asleep from his running?
Benedict: “Running”. 
Russ: Stoked that I managed to run everyday and raise all that money. Massive shout to everyone who donated. 
Jay: Everyday except those two days you were too hungover to run… 
Russ: Yeah, I tried to make up for it. 


Seriously though, Spenny congrats on doing this and raising much needed funds for The Mental Health Charity. This kind of illness is more and more out in the open now but there is so much more to do. My family have been touched by two suicides in 2017 alone and this is really tough to handle. Can you explain why you choose this charity?
Russ: Mind is a great charity. I’ve definitely had similar experiences to do with mental health both around my family and personally too. My sister actually works big in mental health and does a lot to help people so it seemed a no brainer to my bit. 


You thanked your fans in a Facebook post
“What a year. We released our second album to a sold out launch show at the legendary Fighting Cocks. Toured England, Scotland, Wales, Belgium, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and the USA. Smashed some of the sweatiest, craziest shows we’ve ever played (oh yeah, and two broken trombones – thanks Tom). It’s all down to you guys and we love you for it.”

 I need to hear the story of the two broken trombones! Please?

Russ: Right, so I ordered a trombone to the USA so I didn’t have worry about taking one on the plane. When I arrived, I got it out the case and it had corroded. We had a show that night so we had to and buy one last minute but funds were low. I got a loan and bought one to play the shows and then a week later returned it to pay the loan back. Thank goodness for that sweet USA customer service. 

Sounds like 2017 was an amazing year for you guys. It is just ticked over to February here, do you have the feeling that your post at the end of this year will be as epic?
All: YES! Already this year is geared up to be our biggest yet. 
Russ: Not to give too much away but this year we’ll play on 3 different continents. That’s rad. 
I look forward to you guys coming down here in April. I mean Australia is the best place in the World to tour… Believe me J All the best for your single release for ‘Internet Famous’.

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